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    Selling S4M-C + G-Unique Archdaemon pico-psu and 500w ultimate brick combo

    Looking to sell my black S4 Mini Classic and a pico PSU and brick designed specifically for the case. This 4.4L case and PSU combo can run any GPU <215mm (including the Zotac 1080ti mini and certain 2070 cards). Mint condition, all defects are documented in this album. Comes with 3 bezels...
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    Zotac 1080ti Mini Pci-e bracket mod

    You can put me down for one for sure :)
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    Zotac 1080ti Mini Pci-e bracket mod

    Does this require any extra mods (low profile cables, removing the ac/dc brick cover, etc.) to make the 1080 ti brickless? Is having a tap set mandatory? Also, any more price drops if we get more people? Potentially interested!
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    G unique brick troubleshooting

    Hi all, I recently acquired a second-hand g-unique archdaemon limited and modded brick and when I plugged it in to the wall the green LED on the brick briefly flashed before going off and it isn't coverting power anymore. Any ideas on what I should do/how to fix it?