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    General Chat Thread

    Welcome back @iFreilicht! I was thinking about you a couple of weeks agao, and wondered where you'd got to. Congrats on teh Masters, a fine achievement.
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    Buying (UK ONLY) Looking for someone to rewire a 7+6 Sata cable

    I can't think of anyone other than in Telford. It looks like your supply has only 2 wires, the question is which is which? Also is the positive feed 5v or 12v? It looks like there are 2 other SATA power plugs other than the 15 pin standard one. As described here
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    Log Chenbro PC719 8.8L MATX build

    You're welcome, he's got the part number and will look it up in the service book at work tomorrow... I'm sure there are plenty of people who can do cable mods here in the UK.
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    Log Chenbro PC719 8.8L MATX build

    I don't know myself, but one of the guys on Bit-Tech does a lot of Lenovo hardware support. I'll see if I can get him to take a look.
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    DAN C4-SFX - Update 21.11.2020

    Dan, what are the maximum dimensions of 'DTX' motherboard that the C4 can accommodate? As far as I can see, the 3 slot design should allow a board with 226mm height, but can you go wider than the possible 193mm on an M1, as the PSU is oriented differently?
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    DAN C4-SFX - Update 21.11.2020

    M1 isn't a Deutsches Institut für Normung [DIN] approved case 😉
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    Concept The Golden Box - a compact mATX case

    Hi CC, you mentioned this design in a reply to me elsewhere recently, and I had quite forgotten that you had a 15L mATX design on the go. This concept is very close to my heart, as I have had the idea of a sub 20L mATX rattling round my brain for many years, well before I discovered this...
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    Log Sliger SM550 - Compact & Quiet Gaming HTPC

    Headaches in a good way! Other than for your wallet! Enjoy considering all the options and possibilities...
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    DAN C4-SFX - Update 21.11.2020

    Dan, that is BRILLIANT to see after following the convoluted gestation of the C4 case design! I am sure I'm in a minority, but hope its aircooling credentials are good too. Keep up the excellent work and thank you again for keeping it going all this time, it's been 3 years and counting I...
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    Prototype Project Flip: Air-cooled 8 liter case with extra wide GPU cupport

    As far as I know, it's Lazer3D and Parvum in UK who are the biggest makers of acrylic panelled cases. Looks good, I'm still keen on metal over plastic, but can see its benefits. Now wondering if a sub 15L mATX case is what I need next
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    Power Supply Flex ATX Additional Cooling?

    Thanks @BaK, I will take a look at yoiur build. I have very little room up front. I don't mind even having one externally if it helps. I did wonder about seeing if there was room for 2x 40mm fans to blow down into new cutouts in the PSU case too.
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    Power Supply Flex ATX Additional Cooling?

    ? Thanks guys, if I'd got what I said I had, I'd agree 100%, wouldn't even attempt that combo to be honest. I just re read what I wrote and realise there's a typo.... I have a more sensible GTX 1050Ti in the 4.5L case, I'm not that mad!!!
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    Power Supply Flex ATX Additional Cooling?

    For the initial build in my MT4S case from @CC Ricers, I used an FSP 270W Flex ATX PSU which gets really noisy with a nasty tone when I'm running a game on the i5 4690 / GTX 1080Ti 1050Ti in it. The FSP 270W Flex has a 40mm intake fan at the cable end, pushing air through the body and out of...
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    Log Chenbro PC719 8.8L MATX build

    Having built a 4.5L system recently, and not had the budget to buy an expensive Flex ATX PSU, I am disappointed how noisy it is under load. I'm running a pretty unexciting i5 4590 and GTX 1050Ti on an FSP 270W Flex that was sub 30 GBP on ebay. I was hoping to have it folding quietly in the...
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    Log Lamecube Mod

    Don't lose faith... Modding's tough if you're breaking new ground. How many other Mini STX mods are out there? Can't be many.