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    SFF.Network FSP Group Launches SFX 12VO 750 Watt Power Supply

    Bring it on! -14 wires is good news all round. Bung in some suitable motherboards while you're at it too please
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    Log Blacksheep's builds (Current: Silverstone Sugo SG05 - Windows 10, Lone L5 - Windows XP)

    TBH I'm struggling to think of anything widely available that's smaller than an SG05 / 06 / 13 if you want an (albeit slim) optical drive and 2 slot GPU.
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    DAN C4-SFX

    I'm looking at a used S610 too, and finding it hard to balance need vs want! The M1 is so capable and well thought out that it's hard to justify moving away My M1 came to me well used, I think I'm the 3rd owner. I think I've mentioned it here but I ended up having the frame repained by a car...
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    Log 1.76L i7-7700+quadro p1000 mobile workstation

    Thanks for the heads up on the Veriton N4640G, not something I was aware of. I'll kepp an eye out on ebay Also spotted what looks like an X11SSV-Q on ebay, finishes tonight and is 20GBP currently. I'd rather have an H110 DeskMini or a Q170T thin ITX board as they're brick powered and take an M.2 SSD
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    Log 1.76L i7-7700+quadro p1000 mobile workstation

    Great work, those Supermicro ITXboards really look handy to use. I have seen a used Q87 one for sale locally, but what you have would be ideal for my i5 7500T that is unused in a drawer. I admire your hands on attitude to modding the board, braver than I would be !
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    What did you do today?

    One of my customers is a metal fabricator and is currently building frames for drill powered E Bikes! Just bolt on cordless drill of your choice!
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    Selling [UK] Corsair SF450 Gold PSU

    Thanks for your rapid reply good to know anyway. All the best from not so sunny Dorset!
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    Selling [UK] Corsair SF450 Gold PSU

    Hi @soojooko, Is this PSU still available by any chance? I know the ad was a couple of months ago Cheers
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    Prototype REVOCCASES RCC-BIG560 | custom BTO case | maximum flexibility for high end hardware in <20L

    On that subject... I was musing the other night whether you could fit and ATX motherboard into a BIG 560 with a redesigned rear panel and suitably enlarged motherboard tray. Just asking for a friend 😳 In other news, I am working VERY SLOWLY on my BIG 560 mATX build
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    DAN C4-SFX

    I bought my NCase M1 used, and the internal frame was scratched up in places. It didn't look good, so I took it to one of my customers who is a car body repairer. He rubbed it down and painted it with car paint and lacquer, it's a way better finish than from the factory
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    NCASE's "2 man operation" sure involves a lot of women

    I guess those are Lovely Lian Li Ladies, as NCase has no manufacturing capacity of its own,
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    Motherboard Choosing an ITX AM4 motherboard - help pls)

    We all have different requirements and considerations. An easy decider for me is that having owned an ITX board with 2 M.2 slots, I will only buy boards that support 2 M.2 drives when i need a new system.
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    Prototype REVOCCASES RCC-BIG560 | custom BTO case | maximum flexibility for high end hardware in <20L

    I watched the @GucksTV video late last night with YT auto translated captions (English) on, which made it even more entertaining. It kept referring to Reebok cases, not Revoc cases 😎 🤣 😂 . There were some others too: the case became 'big 5 160', the 'Winterhorn' case got a mention, also 'the...