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    Production Aquanaut Combo/Extreme - Ultra Low Profile CPU Block & Pump Mount Combo

    Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback :) This is indeed a very low pump speed ; Martin's lab has showed that performance really start to deteriorate below 0.4 GPM. Have you been able to monitor the flow ? I'm also pretty picky about noise and to me, the DDC 3.2 PWM only starts to become...
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    Power Supply Best way to implement Pico-Box X7-ATX-500?

    @james1976 : that's right :) just unscrew the barrels or levae them there.
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    Log Lian-Li PC-TU100 build : watercooled GPU and Meanwell 400W

    Thanks to both of you ! Yes, this project is pretty poorly documented as I did not take any picture while building it. The PSU bracket is just a simple piece made of aluminium panels and threaded cubes, screwed to the case using the original PSU holes : Took me lots of time to build this...
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    Alternatively, you could use the slightly beefier and cheaper Weipu SP13 (OEM also sold by Bulkin, Cliff, etc.) : For those who do not want to solder anything, you could also place a pushbutton switch like the Switchcraft 913X into the 13 mm diameter...
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    I had not seen not that you were the first to use a Weipu connector @robinpfeiffer ! I found this one after spending hours searching for the right connector. I did not trust noname GX12 connectors from Amazon to withstand 230V AC.
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    Hi @Lone Just writing there to thank you. This is the most amazing case I had the chance to play around with. I was lucky enough to purchase it at at a great price from a fellow french SFF lover (also ringing @GuilleAcoustic :) The case is housing a secondary workstation from leftover parts...
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    Log Lian-Li PC-TU100 build : watercooled GPU and Meanwell 400W

    OK, problem solved by disabling both fast startup in Windows and USB legacy support in the BIOS. Fortunately, the issue seemed not related to hardware :) Did some more tests today. With a 20° ambient temperature, the CPU maxed out at 72°C after 30 min of OCCT load. With both the CPU and GPU...
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    Log Lian-Li PC-TU100 build : watercooled GPU and Meanwell 400W

    No, it happens on first time boot (cold boot). WIll try to investigate a little more ; fast startup might be involved.
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    Log Lian-Li PC-TU100 build : watercooled GPU and Meanwell 400W

    First post updated with better pics. @Thehack : I have a cold boot issue. Anytime I press the power button, only the Aquacomputer Quadro starts. I have to manually force the shutdown by holding the power button then press the power button again to get the system to boot. Everything else works...
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    Selling Custom Lian Li PC-TU100

    Nice mod :)
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    Log Lian-Li PC-TU100 build : watercooled GPU and Meanwell 400W

    Hi there, Finally finished my TU100 build, build around a Ryzen 7 3700X and a GTX 1650 Super :) The goal was to get the some silent possible build, without modifying the case : no extra holes, no butchering of any sort. There are some nice mods out there but I wanted to get the most of the...
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    Log [12V] B01T3 ...a 3L Brickless APU Build...

    I think I have some cable harnesses with bend ring terminals left if you want to test stuff without shelling too much money at Mouser :)
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    Log SMOL 4.2L - Fully watercooled workstation with RTX 3070 and 5900X

    Love those tiny watercooled build ; reminds me of Qinx H2O Micro for the amazing engineer skills of yours. Can't wait to see the end of it :)
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    Prototype Oki-Doki : a GPU bifurcation and watercooling dedicated case, from 9 to 14L

    Hi there, Thanks a lot for your input, glad to have you onboard ! Yes, this is the starting point of my new designs. Temps with only a 9700K @ 4700 and a RTX 2070 Super were not that good for a dual 240 rad setup. CPU would reach 95°C after 20 min of OCCT Power. I first blamed the slim fans...
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    Log The no-compromise APU HTPC: Brickless, semi-fanless Ryzen 5 4650G in a Lazer3D HT5 [updated: 09/2021]

    Finally ! You should get a Prolimatech slim 140 mm fan : these things move a lot of air and are pretty silent (unless you place them at less than 5 mm from the ventilation holes panel).