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    RTX 3060Ti Aero alternative? Meet the DIY PALIT StormX 3060Ti ITX Edition

    I'm currently looking at the Densium 4... It's wooden front plate makes it pretty attractive, and would seem to meet your needs.
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    News ASRock DeskMini B660: A LGA1700 barebone with PCIe 5.0 SSD, USB 3.2 Gen2×2 and DDR4

    Hardware Unboxed recently elaborated on this little loophole that Der8auer found, allowing BLCK clock overclocking on non-k parts. Unfortunately, it likely won't help you here as it's very motherboard dependant.
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    Log 🚀 Neon Rocket 🦝 - A tiny, powerful, and quiet gaming pc build - 5800X3D + Custom A4000 GPU

    I don't have hard figures to back it up, but I'd think that this build should comfortably match or beat the gaming performance of the Xbox Series X. Giving you a full fledged Pocket PC powerhouse in a 4L package, no power brick. I want one so bad right now! Please combined Crypto sell-off/RTX...
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    Log 🚀 Neon Rocket 🦝 - A tiny, powerful, and quiet gaming pc build - 5800X3D + Custom A4000 GPU

    This was my thinking as well. Maybe not with a non-undervolted 5800X3D, but a 65W TDP 5700X or 5900... Although if you're going for pure gaming performance, a higher clocked 6c/12t 5600X would probably get you the best BTU for FPS...
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    RTX 3060Ti Aero alternative? Meet the DIY PALIT StormX 3060Ti ITX Edition

    Well this was a fun read. Now I really want an A4000...
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    SFF.Network Hardware Canucks Reviews Low Profile SFF Coolers

    I did really appreciate this review. It's been a while since anyone's done a good roundup of the current low profile air coolers. My only gripe, which I will fully call out as a very niche problem, is that he didn't cover any of the sub-30mm coolers. I'm currently considering a super low...
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    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    No joke, I did a quick theoretical build. The prev MB model, paired with a Pentium G6605 2c/4t @4.3GHz + 8GB dual channel RAM + 500GB M.2 SSD + PT13 case and PSU = $400ish PS2 and before retro gaming beast with a larger game library than any console on the planet. 😂 Not sure on current emulation...
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    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    Wouldn't something like this, paired with the Pentium or Celeron, make an absolutely awesome retro gaming PC? Throw it into the Silverstone Petit case, load it up with ever game under the sun, and you'd have a very mobile console. Bring back the days of lugging your SNES over to your friend's...
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    SFF.Network NVIDIA Announces RTX A2000 Low-Profile Workstation GPU

    Sadly, this will not be even close to a desktop 3060 equivalent. It will be a 1660-1660S range card, for a fortune. I would still love to see it in the wild, but at this point, buying any new graphics card, especially an overpriced, underspecced workstation card is just a terrible investment...
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    FormD T1 - 9.5L with UNLIMITED space!! - 3950X+64GB Ram+2GPUs - TITAN V FULL watercooled+TITAN RTX!! Fill the void 2.0

    Hey @fabio Were you ever able to figure out TB3 connectivity with the Gigabyte board?
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    GPU Low profile 3060 equivalent: RTX A2000

    Lol, 3060 equivalent huh? At 70W, and that formfactor, there is no way it will compete with even the BS laptop 3060. This is a 1660-1660S equivalent.
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    Concept OMNI PLUGin 300 - Full feature Plugin DC-ATX

    Just stumbled on this thread/announcement: This sounds like an awesome option for those of us looking for a compact solution >200W without being forced to find room for an HDPLEX 400W combo, or want to avoid flexATX PSUs. One question: how would this handle pass-through flexible 24-pin...
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    Maybe (definitely) off topic, but I figured you would be more familiar with the nebulous world of Gen 4 PCIe adapters. Have you seen any sign of Gen 4 M.2 to PCIe adapters? With TB4 being a pathetic retread of TB3, but miniPCs and mini ITX boards supporting PCIe 4.0 M.2, it could solve the GPU...
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    Other What's on Taobao

    Am I the only one that’s absolutely in love with this ultra-small open-frame design? I’m not normally into open-frames at all, and have been debating between the FormD T1 and an ultra-small case like the Velka 3 or K39v2. But this thing would just be AWESOME on my desk! Also, there’s a...
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    Cerberus V2

    True EATX AND SSI-EEB support! It's been my one huge gripe about my case! The standoffs are permanently mounted so I would have to grind them out and resink standoffs for an SSI-EEB layout, but I can't even do that because the case is about 3-4mm too short front-back. It's so close that I can...