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    SFF.Network NVIDIA Announces RTX A2000 Low-Profile Workstation GPU

    Sadly, this will not be even close to a desktop 3060 equivalent. It will be a 1660-1660S range card, for a fortune. I would still love to see it in the wild, but at this point, buying any new graphics card, especially an overpriced, underspecced workstation card is just a terrible investment...
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    FormD T1 - 9.5L with UNLIMITED space!! - 3950X+64GB Ram+2GPUs - TITAN V FULL watercooled+TITAN RTX!! Fill the void 2.0

    Hey @fabio Were you ever able to figure out TB3 connectivity with the Gigabyte board?
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    GPU Low profile 3060 equivalent: RTX A2000

    Lol, 3060 equivalent huh? At 70W, and that formfactor, there is no way it will compete with even the BS laptop 3060. This is a 1660-1660S equivalent.
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    Concept OMNI PLUGin 300 - Full feature Plugin DC-ATX

    Just stumbled on this thread/announcement: This sounds like an awesome option for those of us looking for a compact solution >200W without being forced to find room for an HDPLEX 400W combo, or want to avoid flexATX PSUs. One question: how would this handle pass-through flexible 24-pin...
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    Maybe (definitely) off topic, but I figured you would be more familiar with the nebulous world of Gen 4 PCIe adapters. Have you seen any sign of Gen 4 M.2 to PCIe adapters? With TB4 being a pathetic retread of TB3, but miniPCs and mini ITX boards supporting PCIe 4.0 M.2, it could solve the GPU...
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    Other What's on Taobao

    Am I the only one that’s absolutely in love with this ultra-small open-frame design? I’m not normally into open-frames at all, and have been debating between the FormD T1 and an ultra-small case like the Velka 3 or K39v2. But this thing would just be AWESOME on my desk! Also, there’s a...
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    Cerberus V2

    True EATX AND SSI-EEB support! It's been my one huge gripe about my case! The standoffs are permanently mounted so I would have to grind them out and resink standoffs for an SSI-EEB layout, but I can't even do that because the case is about 3-4mm too short front-back. It's so close that I can...
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    GPU Reference 6800XT - ITX Case compatibility

    Same. Would like to verify fan diameter as hopefully 92mm, but it would seem tight given the 201.8mm total length and the extra bit on the sides. EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti XC GAMING, 08G-P5-3663-KR Dimensions Height: 4.33 in - 110mm Length: 7.94 in - 201.8mm Width: Dual Slot
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    GPU Reference 6800XT - ITX Case compatibility

    It would be really nice to see some proper mini ITX GPUs at SOME point this generation. It seems like in chasing the performance crown, both manufacturers have basically abandoned the sub-200W market.
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    FormD T1 - 9.5L with UNLIMITED space!! - 3950X+64GB Ram+2GPUs - TITAN V FULL watercooled+TITAN RTX!! Fill the void 2.0

    Soooo apparently even the founders RTX 3090 should "technically" fit (<1mm of clearance), so when can we expect the install @fabio? Sept 25th? Hahaha
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    Discussion Sliger SM570 - Cooling options beyond AIO/Water Cooling

    I believe most users haven't had a problem with AIOs considering they're sealed. Obviously, you could crack open and re-seal an AIO, plus, your average TSA mall cop has absolutely no idea what they're looking at... But it's all security theater anyway, so YMMV regardless.
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    Prototype J-HACK PLUGin 200X

    Much appreciate the info guys! Guess I will have to keep looking for my 200W internal solution. Has anyone had any experience with the flexible male-female 24-pin extension/adapters? I could relocate the DC-ATX unit up to 9" away.
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    Prototype J-HACK PLUGin 200X

    @Thehack how do these dimensions match up?
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    Prototype J-HACK PLUGin 200X

    What's the ultimate height? @VELKASE Michael does this look like it may fit the Velka 3?
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    Prototype THE TINY BOY'S ADVENTURE! - Join me through the wonderful story of a tiny case... of 3.68L

    Wow. An awful lot to cover here. You couldn't ask for a better community to lean on for help. Good luck!