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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    Still no true single-slot cards to replace my GT 1030 though... :(
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    Wesena ITX4 v3 - Hackintosh

    Wesena is the brand name in North America, Streacom elsewhere
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    GPU Geforce 20 series (RTX) discussion thread (E: 2070 Review unbargo!)

    All I want to see is what half-height, true single-slot cards there are going to be.
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    Show your new toys Topic

    I got a new apartment that's a 10 minute walk to work. So I got a bike to do it in 2 and sleep an extra 8 minutes. Coming from an hour long commute, this is heaven. It's my first bike since I was a teenager so I'm already making plans for many weekends ahead :) Maybe tomorrow I'll post some...
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    Closed Thin Mini-ITX part out (motherboard, GPU, and more)

    Just curious, what case did you have this in?
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    World Cup 2018

    Kane and Stones are in my fantasy team, I'm fine with this :)
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    World Cup 2018

    Most users here are North Americans so it seems this doesn't really interest that many people :) I'm from Portugal and obviously I would like for us to go far and win the whole thing, but (once again...) I'm really conflicted because I hate how we play under our clueless coach. I actually do...
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    News [TPU] ASUS Intros Prime H310T Motherboard (Thin ITX)

    I am absolutely ready to throw my money at a Thin-ITX build with Vega Graphics
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    Show your new toys Topic

    This is true, the black GBA is modded with a backlit screen :) I don't really like the form factor of the SP, even though I ended up having one growing up.
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    Show your new toys Topic

    ok, this has since become a bit out of control
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    Phone thread

    Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Absolute unit, this thing. I feel like I'm holding a tablet to my head when taking calls. Took a bit of getting used to but I love the huge screen and bought it exactly for that!
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    Show your new toys Topic

    Bought both of them. Guess which one has had the most use? God, I missed this little thing. The GBA is probably my favourite console of all time and I recently got the urge to get one again and mod it. Currently waiting for a backlight screen and glass lens to arrive from China. Can't wait.
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    M2 wireless card periodically disconnects

    before getting a new card, I would get new antennas.
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    Motherboard Mini-STX - here to stay for Ryzen?

    Yeah, I don't think we ever had 200-series STX. It's AMD who should be in on these formats though, can you imagine a Raven Ridge mini-STX or even in the sadly forgotten thin mini-itx? I'd just throw all my money at them!
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    CPU AMD APU Raven readying for launch

    Those calculators tend to always be on the safe side. That's not really a bad thing to do but in reality you can get away with much less than what they recommend.