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Fatal1ty! ASRock’s X370 and AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac Motherboards Reviewed

History lesson time folks! Back in the early 2000’s, a FPS shooter player, Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel, was dominating the competitive gaming scene, earning attention from not only the gaming fraternity, but mainstream media also. Soon enough, a company, ABit, approached Fatal1ty with a brand deal. ABit would build Fatal1ty branded hardware, cementing his name in the minds of...


SFFn at techXpo New Zealand!

New Zealand is a tiny little country at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, so it comes as no surprise that we don’t get big tech shows like CES, Computex, PAX and the like. We do get a small show called techXpo though, sponsored by local mega retailer PBTech. I wandered around taking numerous photos, and chatting with the likes of AMD, ASUS, Coolermaster, Ubiquiti and Canon. A quick recap of...


More Vega Nano News!

With Drew and Tim’s exclusive photo-op earlier, our appetite was whetted for more news on the Vega Nano. Drew and Tim are very persistent reporters though, and managed to track down more exclusive information and pictures for Small Form Factor Network. What have we learnt? The card has a typical board power of 150 watts (GPU, vRAM, but excluding cooling solution), and uses an 8 pin plug for...

Motherboards Reviews

Gigabyte’s AB350N-Gaming WIFI – AM4 M-ITX, Finally!

When AMD released the new Ryzen processors back in March, the enthusiasts amongst us were pleasantly surprised by the capabilities and efficiencies introduced by the new platform. One major thing (well, two, if you count enthusiast M-ATX) missing from the launch, however, was any real M-ITX offering for the new chip. Months passed, and at CES 2017 we heard that M-ITX was indeed incoming, now that...


Retro SFF – LGR Features a Truly Old School SFF 486 System

SFF has been a thing for some time – even back as far as around 1995, where this Unisys CWD-4002 comes from. In a surprisingly modern form factor – including a right angle riser and no optical drive – this system seems to be very forward thinking in its design. Check out LGR’s video above, and join our discussion here.


Noctua’s Slim 120mm Fan. At Last!

This is the one we’ve been waiting for for some time – a slim 120mm fan from Noctua. Noctua first previewed this fan at Computex a few years back – 2015 in fact. With the scarcity of quality slim fans being very well pronounced, it was time for another player to enter the market. Enter Noctua. The existing products in this market space have always been flawed in some way –...

Cooling Reviews

A Selection Of Noctua For Your Perusal

Noctua, well known for their Coffee and Cream colour scheme, has innovated again, with a huge batch of new products. Some were expected, some not, and some we have anticipated for a few years now (Slim 120mm, I’m looking at you!). In this article, we will look at the bulk of the products, but we are saving the NF-A12x15 slim 120mm fan, the NF-A4x20 40x20mm fan and the NF-FC1 fan controller...


Reeven at Computex 2017

Reeven, purveyors of small coolers such as the Steropes, Vanxie and Brontes coolers, had a small showing at Computex 2017 – alas with nothing truly small on display. After berating the team about this, I inspected a few platform agnostic items – fans, RGBs, and the like. Polariz, a 5.25″ bay fan controller. Not really SFF but I quite like the aesthetic. The large knurled knobs...


SilverStone at Computex 2017 – Workstation and Server

Members of the forum are aware of this, but I’m a workstation and server nut. I love systems built for purpose, for work. Possibly because I work so hard in everything I do! When we visited the SilverStone booth at  Computex 2017, I was in awe of some of the hardware they had on display – cases and accessories built for purpose, for work! Sitting next to the bolder RVZ04, a much...


Enermax and LEPA at Computex 2017

Enermax, once a major player in the enthusiast ATX PSU market, unfortunately settled into obscurity over the past few years. Determined to change this, they have put a lot of development into new products, some of which are decidedly intriguing. Along with their sister brand LEPA, they put on a solid showing at Computex 2017. Of course Enermax had the SteelWing chassis we reviewed a few months...