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AuckLAN5 ‘Live’ Blog!

Hey folks, and welcome to my ‘as close to live as possible’ blog from AuckLAN5, where SFFr is sponsoring a Minecraft Creative Tournament, and confusis (John Morrison) is participating in many tournaments!

After some power issues caused by the building being a little old, and not designed for tens of high powered gaming rigs, the Admin team has us up and running again. To follow will be notes as to the happenings at this packed house LAN event here in Auckland, New Zealand.



A packed house here at AuckLAN5.



A quick size comparison – my ITX rig and a CaseLabs chassis brought by another gamer.



Prizes! They vary from Solid State Drives, Mice, Keyboards, beer a home network package and the SFFr Mini-ITX prize!



PS3 Gamers rocking the BattleOps tournament.



Some light gaming in between tournaments.



More casual gaming.