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Gigabyte Drops P67-based ITX in Favor of Z68

Rumors of a P67-based mini-ITX motherboard from Gigabyte have been floating around the forums since CES2011 back in January. The plan was that Gigabyte was first set to release and H67 version and then follow it up with an overclockable P67 model later in the year.

They got the first part. We had a chance to play with the H67-based model and although we found it to be a solid product, on par with other H67 mini-ITX boards, we did feel it fell short of its predecessor, considering the overclocking ability of the H55N-USB3.

Gigabyte apparently felt the same way, knowing that overclocking is THE feature wanted by enthusiasts. Hence the promise of a P67 version. However, in light of the release of the new Z68 chipset, we thought it best to ask Gigabyte if they stil had plans for a P67-based mini-ITX motherboard. Their response was brief,

“No, we no longer have plans. Instead, we will release a Z68 based model.”

Apparently Gigabyte has axed the P67 version in favor of a new model based on the Z68 chipset. Expect other manufacturers to do the same. Given the features of the Z68 chipset, it’s highly unlikely that any manufacturer will release a mini-ITX motherboard with the P67 chipset.

We’ve already seen new Z68 motherboards hitting the market today. Let us hope that their smaller ITX siblings are not too far behind.