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First Look: Gigabyte’s GA-A75N-USB3 Pictured

With a model from ASRock already on the table and a preview from ASUS circulating, it was only a matter of time before Gigabyte dropped hints about their upcoming mini-ITX socket FM1 mini-ITX Llano motherboard. Announced months ago as the GA-A75N-USB3, a few images and some specifications have begun to appear for Gigabyte newest mini-ITX gaming motherboard.

Upon first glance, the GA-A75N-USB3 offers the now familiar FM1 socket for the new AMD Llano series of APU’s beside a pair of Dual Channel DDR3 DIMM slots. The standard PCI x16 expansion slot is present, as are four SATA III 6Gbps drive connectors.

Interestingly, it appears that only a single header is present for USB 2.0 meaning once again, front USB 3.0 via internal connectors is out. So far only the ASUS F1A75-I has offered an internal USB 3.0 header. USB 3.0 is covered on the Gigabyte by four ports on the rear panel, along with a pair of USB 2.0.

The rear panel is also home to DVI and HDMI connections, Gigabit LAN, analog and digital audio outputs and an eSATA port.

I have added the Gigabyte GA-A75N-USB3 to the ITXGamer Motherboard Comparison Tool. Head on over and see how it compares to the ASRock A75M-ITX and the ASUS F1A75-I.