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Adata’s XPG DDR3L 1600G SO-DIMM

With our tally of DIMM to SO-DIMM mini-ITX motherboards standing at five-to-one, finding DDR3-1600 memory modules won’t be a problem for most ITX gamers. There’s a wide selection of 240-pin DDR3 modules to choose from. But what if you, like yours truly, are leaning toward the one? The ASUS P8H67-I. The sole Sandy Bridge H67 ITX motherboard that requires the smaller 204-pin SO-DIMM. Fear not, it looks like Adata has got you covered.

In our Mini-ITX Memory Matters article a couple of weeks ago, we pointed out that NewEgg offers a grand total of one choice when it comes to 1600MHz SO-DIMMs, and they’re only available in 2x2GB kits. That still appears to be the situation.

Sure, a 4 GB kit will do the job, but what about those system builders that want to put the maximum 8GB of RAM in their mini-ITX system?

Adata has just released the specs on their new XPG DDR3L 1600G SO-DIMM memory sticks. Available in 2GB and 4GB sizes (read: 4GB and 8GB kits), these memory modules are considered low-voltage, as indicated by the ‘L’ in the product name, at only 1.35v with latency of CL9-9-9-24. The modules also support Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile.

Now when you’re building your new mini-ITX gaming system, you’ll now have two choices for high-speed DDR3 memory. Maybe other manufacturers will see a demand and grace us with a larger selection of 1600MHz SO-DIMMs. (Looking at you Crucial, OCZ, Mushkin, GSkill, Patriot and Corsair!)