ASRock at CES 2018

With anticipation, our team headed to the ASRock suite first thing today, hoping for yet more SFF awesomeness from one of the companies who have proven their SFF mettle numerous times recently. First up, ASRock is working with MXM partners to increase the availability and decrease the cost of MXM GPUs for the Micro-STX platform. Here, a desktop grade GTX1060 is available in the form factor. The next generation Z370 Micro-STX was on display, with many, many changes to the first, Z270, iteration; The new power phase(5+1) supports 6-core processors. New STX board allows for XMP profile 2.0 w/ speeds …

Zotac at CES 2018

After perusing the Silverstone booth, our team at CES 2018 made their way to the booth of another one of the core SFF proponents in the industry – Zotac. Long time Mini PC manufacturer, Zotac is one of those companies we like to keep an eye on.   Calipers handy, let’s go! The AMP Box Mini is an eGPU enclosure for “ITX” sized graphics cards as well as a PCIe SSD. More my style, the P3000 Workstation is a tiny system aimed at professional use, with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU and an Intel i5-7500T CPu. The P5000, the big brother …

ASRock Reveals M-ATX Threadripper Motherboard, X299 M-ATX, and Z370 DeskMini GTX!

Press release: When an article is marked as such, the content is unedited and thus does not necessarily reflect the views of, Minutiae Media, or staff. ASRock to Debut Latest Motherboards and Small Form Factor Solutions at CES 2018 TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 4th, 2018 – The global leading motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is all set to reveal the latest PC products at the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas, US and proudly present the latest product lineup to the world. As the world-leading motherboard provider, ASRock will officially introduce the latest innovative Micro-ATX motherboards based on the Intel® X299 and AMD …

ASRock’s DeskMini GTX1080 Reviewed – Epic Performance Density

Written by Craig Babiuk with assistance from John Morrison When I first laid eyes on ASRock’s Micro STX platform nearly a year ago, I like many others was absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of hardware that they had managed to fit into such a tiny package. Measuring a mere 188mm by 147mm, the primary innovation of this form factor was taking advantage of the ultra-compact MXM graphics cards that had traditionally been reserved for use in behemoth gaming laptops. Clever repurposing of these GPUs allowed ASRock to fit an entire gaming system onto a single board that is smaller in …

Logic Supply Launches Industrial Fanless NUC With Latest Intel Dawson Canyon Motherboard

Press release: An article noted as a press release is copied verbatim from the provider, and thus does not represent the thoughts and ideas of SFFNetwork or Minutiae Media.   DECEMBER 05, 2017 (SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT) – For more than 14 years, Logic Supply ( has been developing highly reliable computer hardware for demanding applications. The company pioneered the use of Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) motherboard within industrial PCs, and today has announced their latest fanless NUC, the ML100G-31. This brand new system joins Logic Supply’s ML100 Series of fanless NUC computers, and is powered by Intel’s new Dawson Canyon motherboard, enabling …

ASRock’s “Little Monster” X299E-ITX/ac Reviewed

Earlier this year, we previewed ASRock’s “Little Monster”, their X299E-ITX/ac motherboard, with a featureset longer than some motherboard’s manuals, and a board density to suit. The X299E-ITX/ac was shown with not one, but two daughterboards! The board was launched at Computex 2017, and we just so happened to be there, thanks to our community. After looking over the spec list, having a hands-on with a display unit, and passing on the news to the community, we waited.. and waited. Just like a kid waiting for Christmas, we waited. Well, the time has come, and here it is! The Moniker So, …

ASRock’s DeskMini GTX/RX Updates!

We’ve been keeping an eye on ASRock’s DeskMini platform since it was leaked to us some time ago. The discussion thread is over 190 posts long, with every minute detail picked out by our community. Just today, we had a hot news tip from a user – the product page for the DeskMini GTX/RX has appeared! It has quite a bit of useful information for those who are chasing that form factor.   A forum member also found that NewEgg is now listing the GTX1060 variant, for US$799.99! Discuss the news here!