Noctua Confirms AM5 Heatsink Compatibility and Free Upgrades For Smaller/ Older Models

Press Release: When an SFF Network article is marked as a press release, it is copied verbatim from marketing materials supplied by the company. It does not represent the views or opinions of SFF Network or it’s staff. — Noctua confirms AM5 heatsink compatibility and announces free-of-charge upgrades for low-profile coolers and older heatsink models Vienna, September 22nd – Noctua today confirmed that all its CPU coolers and mounting-kits that support AMD AM4 also support the upcoming AM5 socket, except the NH-L9a-AM4 low-profile cooler and the NM-AM4-L9aL9i mounting-kit. For the latter, Noctua announced the new NM-AM5-L9aL9i kit that will be available …

Noctua introduces NH-L9i low-profile CPU coolers for LGA1700 and NA-FD1 fan duct

With the advent of Intel’s new LGA1700, the old uSFF stalwart cooler, the Noctua NH-L9i, was made unusable to those who want the latest and greatest platform. LGA1700’s mounting hole dimensions are larger at 78mm square versus LGA115X’s 75mm square. Also of note is that the CPU heatspreader on the new platform being 1mm shorter than previous generations – meaning even if the mounting hole pattern hadn’t changed, the contact pressure of existing coolers would likely be incorrect to enable proper thermal transfer. Noctua has just announced that they now have an LGA1700 version of the L9i available for purchase …

CES 2019: AMD

The SFFn crew (Tim and Joshua and myself) just had to make it to the AMD keynote – here’s what we saw! The Radeon VII is a triple fan card, so not the smallest. However, for the water enthusiasts amongst us, the card has all the IO in a single slot – no more DVI here!   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

SilverStone’s AR11 – Heatpipe Direct Contact Returns

Heatpipe Direct Contact – buzzwords from a bygone era when heatsink technology hadn’t quite reached the peak it is at now. However, there may still be performance to be gained from this technology – especially in smaller form factors where getting the heat to the cooling fins is of utmost priority – a heatsoaking solid baseplate may not be the best option. SilverStone has launched the Argon Series AR11  – a 47mm high heatsink with a blend of old and new technology. Let’s see how it performs! The Specifications Model Number SST-AR11 Material Copper heat pipes with aluminum fins Application …

CRYORIG C7 Cu – Dat Copper Tho

Just before Computex 2017, we were treated to a sneak preview of something different – the CRYORIG C7, but in all copper form. With claims of 10-15% improvement in initial testing, down to community members reporting no real improvement, the C7 Cu has been a controversial product to say the least. With a review unit in hand (finally!), today we set out to review the C7 Cu versus the original aluminium variant. Unfortunately, we gave away our original CRYORIG C7 some time ago, so with the help of SFF Network Patrons, we picked up a new one to enable apples …

Intel Launches Xeon D-2100 Series SoCs

Press Release: When marked as such, the content is published verbatim, and thus does not necessarily reflect the views of SmallFormFactor Network or Minutiae Media. Intel today introduced the new Intel Xeon D-2100 processor, a system-on-chip (SoC) processor architected to address the needs of edge applications and other data center or network applications constrained by space and power. The Intel Xeon D-2100 processor extends the record-breaking performance and innovation of the Intel Xeon Scalable platform from the heart of the data center to the network edge and web tier, where network operators and cloud service providers face the need to …

Xigmatek Launches the Prodigy ST1266 Downdraft Cooler

Xigmatek has launched the Prodigy ST1266 downdraft style CPU cooler. Measuring in at 67mm tall, and 126 mm wide by 120mm deep and is rated to cool up to 150 watts! The Prodigy ST1266 supports sockets LGA2066, LGA2011(v3), LGA115x, AM4, AM3(+), and FM2(+). Made up of an aluminium base with six 6mm copper heatpipes directing heat to the typical aluminium fin stack, the cooler should perform on par with other coolers in this product area. The fan included with the cooler is a black and orange 120mm x 15mm fan, spinning between 800 to 1,500 RPM, and is rated for 56.9 …

AMD and Co Love PC!

For the first time, SFFN had direct access to an AMD press conference, instead of hoping that our feeble home internet connections (well, apart from myself with 100/30 fibre – take that, US-based staff!) could cope with streaming their live event. Joshua, Craig and I were on-location yesterday at the event, which was held at the Westin Taipei hotel in Taipei during Computex 2017. Eagerly waiting for news on a Vega Nano, Ryzen APUs and ThreadRipper, we planted ourselves in the crowd and noted the following from Lisa Su (AMD’s CEO) and her team. First up was a happy birthday of sorts …