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CES 2019: Corsair

Corsair, proprietors of peripherals, memory, cooling and even complete systems put on a display for interested press, and interested we were. Let’s dive in and see what they had on display. A better look at the low profile Cherry MX keyswitches that Corsair uses in some of their products. This is the same form factor as CoolerMaster will be using in their new keyboard. This particular...


Corsair at Computex 2018

Corsair, maker of the popular “One” SFF system, had a private suite on show at Computex 2018, much like last year. This meant that the viewing of the products on show was a more intimate affair, albeit overshadowed by Corsair’s love for larger form factor cases. The big news for us SFF’rs this year (albeit beaten at the last moment by Silverstone) was the Corsair SF600...


Corsair’s Bulldog Gets a Revamp

We weren’t the biggest fans of the original Corsair Bulldog. The cooler was… loud. Corsair seems to have taken some of the feedback to heart, and a revamp of the Bulldog case and platform has been performed. Gone is the blower fan, replaced with a standard closed loop cooler. The included board appears to be made by MSI, and features a red colour theme. It appears to be a solidly...


Corsair launches cable kit for SF-series SFX PSUs

The SF600 SFX power supply from Corsair is a great unit, but one of the complaints I had in my review was that the stock ribbon cables were stiff and unwieldy in a tight SFF build. They weren’t terrible by any means, but they were a far cry from the very flexible cables SilverStone includes with their SFF units. Today Corsair is addressing that with a Premium PSU Cable Kit for the SF...


CORSAIR Unveils Its Fastest Ever SSD range, the Force Series MP500 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD

PRESS RELEASE: A press release, when marked as such, is posted direct from the manufacturer and is unedited. Thus, they may not reflect the view of SmallFormFactor.net or its authors. SmallFormFactor.net is in no way responsible for any part of this promotion, but we thought our readers might be interested! FREMONT, CA — December 13th, 2016 — Corsair®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, high...


Corsair SF600 power supply giveaway!

I was impatient and purchased the SF600 that was used in my review. So instead of a review unit I asked Corsair for one to give away instead! To enter the random drawing, just post in this thread before Friday May 6, 11:59 EST. Note: This giveaway is limited to the United States. Shipping will be covered.

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Corsair SF600 Review – A New Player Has Joined

Welcome to this review of the highly anticipated Corsair SF600 SFX power supply! The SF600 is a 600W SFX form factor power supply, with Gold-rated efficiency, fully modular cables, all-Japanese capacitors, and a semi-passive 92mm fan. The SF600, along with the SF450, is part of the new SF Series of power supplies from Corsair, hopefully the first of many SFF-orientated units from the company. A...


Corsair Bulldog case and SF600 PSU updates

Logan from Tek Syndicate is at the Corsair suite at CES and there have been a few tweaks and improvements to the Bulldog chassis since the last time we saw it. The aesthetic has been toned down with a piano black finish in place of the black with bright red accents of the original prototype. It’s a “little bit smaller” by “a few millimeters in each direction”. That...


Corsair Releases the Hydro Series H5

Corsair has launched the Hydro Series H5 SFF cooler. This is a closed loop cooler directly aimed at the SFF market, and Corsair claims it can cool 150w of heat quietly and efficiently. As we know all too well, cooling in SFF builds can be somewhat of a challenge. Corsair hopes that the Hydro Series H5 will help with that, ensuring that even overclocked CPUs can be cooled effectively...