CRYORIG Announces M.2 Cooler and RGB C7

Press Release: When a new post is marked a such, the content is copied verbatim from the company’s release, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Small Form Factor Network or Minutiae LLC. CRYORIG Announces Frostbit M.2 Cooler and C7 RGB for Computex 2018 22.05.2018 Taipei, Taiwan – Ahead of Computex 2018 CRYORIG announces new M.2 cooler Frostbit and RGB enhanced C7 RGB CPU Cooler. CRYORIG’s Frostbit is not only the industry first aftermarket M.2 NVMe SSD cooler with dual heatpipes, it allows full adjustment of the Secondary Heatpipe and large volume Heatsink. The C7 RGB is based on CRYORIG’s award winning ITX cooler C7, with a 12v RGB …

Patreon, Merchandise and Computex 2018

Computex 2018 will be here sooner than you think, and we’re incredibly excited to once again have a crew on the ground, asking the questions that are relevant to the SFF community. Last year was the first time we were able to attend the conference, and because of it we were able to create a bunch of news posts, a number of exclusives, and literally hundreds of caliper shots. This is not to mention the long string of in-depth reviews we were able to do as a result of reporting and relationships that originated on the show floor. This is especially impressive given the fact that SFF Network is a fairly small …

CRYORIG at Computex 2017

During Computex 2017, we had the opportunity to visit CRYORIG’s booth, full of aluminium, copper and wood! Ever since Computex last year, we’ve been looking forward to seeing CRYORIG’s Taku case in the flesh. For those that are unfamiliar, the Taku is a unique combination of monitor stand and PC case, with the base model coming replete with wooden feet (an unusual material in the enclosure space, to say the least). As such, it’s certainly piqued our interests, as it has simply been something we haven’t seen from a manufacturer before, both functionally and aesthetically. Given this, and given that CRYORIG …

Computex 2016 Mini-STX Roundup

While things were pretty quiet on the SFF motherboard and case front at Computex this year, Mini-STX saw a decent number of announced boards and chassis. Motherboards: Asus – Various boards (Japanese article) ECS – H110S-2P Gigabyte – H110MSTX-HD3 Cases: ECS – Interchangeable cases SilverStone – Several prototypes Complete System: ASRock – DeskMini 110 ECS – LIVA Pro So while not a plethora of new products, it’s a much better showing than some of the other SFF product categories. Now they just need to show up on store shelves. Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum here.

Computex 2016 Motherboard Roundup

This year at Computex had quite the sparse number of announcements for Mini-ITX and microATX motherboards. Most of what was on display were variations of existing products, so this roundup will be regrettably brief. ASRock Announced back in March, ASRock brought 2 SFF boards from the Hyper-series to show off this year.  Their Hyper-series motherboards contain a third-party clock generator to enable BCLK overclocking on non-Z170 chipsets. Tom’s Hardware has a little more information on specifications and a great overview of the entire Hyper-series of boards. The B150M Pro4/Hyper and the H110M-DS/Hyper are both scheduled for release in July 2016 around the …

Computex 2016 SSD Roundup

Computex 2016 saw quite the number of new SSD announcements. For brevity, I’ll skip the 2.5″ SATA drives and focus on M.2, U.2, etc. since they’re the future of SFF storage from a performance and space-savings perspective. M.2 ADATA – 2TB NVME M.2 and enterprise drives Crucial – NVME Ballistix TX3 and 2TB MX300 Galax – Hall of Fame Micron – 1100 and NVME 2100 Patriot – Hellfire Plextor – M8PeG (first M.2 drive to come with a heatsink, pictured above) and EP2-series PNY – PhantomX Phison-based NVME SSD OCZ – Revodrive RD400 (this one’s actually released now) PCIe card Galax – Hall …

Colorful motherboard with integrated GTX 1070 pictured

TechPowerUp forum user TheLostSwede snapped a few pictures of some very interesting motherboards from Colorful‘s booth at Computex. They are custom Intel B150 motherboards with a LGA 1151 socket and most importantly, an integrated NVIDIA GPU in the form of either a GTX 980 or GTX 1070! Basically it’s a combination of an ITX-esque motherboard and a MXM card. Here is the sign for the Colorful/Chaintech B150-G20. Despite the model number, it seems this board is available in a Z170 variant. Most importantly though is that this board has an integrated NVIDIA GTX 980! Talk about packing some beefy onboard video. The reason for the hefty hardware …

Lian Li shows off new cases and it’s SFX or bust!

I had spotted a pic or two of new Lian Li cases at Computex but it’s taken until now to get information about them. Tom’s Hardware has the details and they look intriguing. First is the PC-Q22, pictured above. It is a 2-slot Mini-ITX case with room for two 2.5″ drives, a single 3.5″ drive, and a 240mm rad. As mentioned in the title, it only takes SFX/SFX-L power supplies. Tom’s Hardware mentions that the PSU is mounted in the front, which it’d have to be given that the rear of the case is dominated by the motherboard IO cutout, the …