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MSI Nightblade MI3 Review

This review crosses out a number of firsts. For starters, this will be the first product review I’ve done for SFFn (as well as my last, somewhat ironically, now that I’ve taken on my new role with Minutiae). It will also be the first pre-built desktop that SFF Network has ever reviewed, given our history up to this point of only ever reviewing components and the like. But when we...

Reviews Systems

Logic Supply CL100 System Review

Logic Supply is known for making high-quality industrial products. Lately, however, they’ve released some cases and systems that fit into the consumer space as well. The most recent example of this: the CL100, their latest NUC-style aluminum and steel fanless PC. The ruggedized mini system aims to work either as an HTPC, or industrial workstation computer. All in a neat and tidy profile...