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Quick Look: SilverStone’s EXB01 – Even Moar Storage

Wasted space is the most hated aspect of design to our community.  Empty RAM slots, disregarded drive bays, and one that the SilverStone EXB01 hopes to use up, empty expansion slots. Popping an extra 2.5″ drive in that unused expansion slot is something I’ve wanted to see for years, even back when I, shamefully, ran ATX systems. SilverStone has a huge range of devices to make use of...

Reviews Storage

SilverStone’s FS204 – Moar Storage!

With today’s larger and larger games, operating systems and file formats, more storage space is sometimes a need, rather than a desire. Whilst most cases have a few drive mounts, sometimes we need more. More! Enter the SilverStone FS204, a 5.25″ bay device to finally put that empty optical drive bay to use! Fitting in four 2.5″ drives, this single bay device offers a semi...