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EVGA X99 Micro2 Review – Second Time’s the Charm?

Welcome to this review of the EVGA X99 Micro2 motherboard, a much needed refresh of the X99 Micro, a board that EVGA had released last Fall with the launch of Intel’s X99 platform. The original Micro wasn’t a terrible product but it had several deficiencies that prevented it from being a great board. So does this sequel address the shortcomings of its predecessor? Let’s find out! First off, this...

Cases Reviews

Jonsbo C2 – Sitting In The Middle

In the search for a chassis to fit my slightly oversized M-DTX motherboard, I came across the Jonsbo C2. Jonsbo may not seem like a familiar name, but the company supplies quite a few different models to Rosewill. I bought this case to run my every day system, so quality, quietness and cooling capacity were major decision points. So far in use, I would say that quality and quietness are of a good...


ECS A960M-MV – M-DTX… or is it?

AMD’s AM3+ platform is great for value performance, but there’s one major market segment left unfilled by motherboard manufacturers with this socket – SFF. The board featured here today is the ECS A960M-MV, the smallest FX-Capable motherboard, but it has it’s caveats. Lets find them. Here are the specifications, note them, as we’ll come back to certain points here. Product...