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AeroCool’s Dream Box – Wait… What??

Sometimes, we just need that extra level of customization in a computer enclosure. Of course, with products like the In-Win Chopin, we are sometimes able to get options like picking the colour of the accent portion of the case, if we are so fortunate. I suppose that’s nice enough. With the Aerocool Dream Box, however – the subject of today’s review – we get quite a bit...

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Noctua’s Chromax Range – Colourise Your System

Noctua has, since their inception in 2005, stuck with a set “coffee and cream”¬†colour scheme across their entire product line… until now. Noctua’s new Chromax range – along with the Redux and IndustrialPPC line of fans, reviewed by us a while ago – adds some much needed variety to Noctua’s stable. With the prevalence of beautifully themed builds nowadays...