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Community Review: modDIY’s Cable Kits

This review has been supplied by forum member Bledha! We thank him for this excellent read. If a community member wishes to produce front page content, please message Confusis (John) on the forum for more information! With all the options on the market today covering everything from artisanal combed and expensive custom cables to shrink-tube wrapped dollar menu type items from big international e...

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AeroCool’s Dream Box – Wait… What??

Sometimes, we just need that extra level of customization in a computer enclosure. Of course, with products like the In-Win Chopin, we are sometimes able to get options like picking the colour of the accent portion of the case, if we are so fortunate. I suppose that’s nice enough. With the Aerocool Dream Box, however – the subject of today’s review – we get quite a bit...

Misc Reviews

Noctua’s Chromax Range – Colourise Your System

Noctua has, since their inception in 2005, stuck with a set “coffee and cream”¬†colour scheme across their entire product line… until now. Noctua’s new Chromax range – along with the Redux and IndustrialPPC line of fans, reviewed by us a while ago – adds some much needed variety to Noctua’s stable. With the prevalence of beautifully themed builds nowadays...