FSP Group Launches SFX 12VO 750 Watt Power Supply

In case you don’t know, power supplies are changing soon. The depth of this change is an article in and of itself, but basically everything is moving to the 12 volt lines, and your motherboard plug will be reduced from 24 pin to just 10 pins. That’s great for the SFF world. FSP has launched their first SFX class PSU that supports the 12VO standard. Okay…I’m going to admit that it’s post holiday and I’m still recovering from eating a ridiculous amount of food. So here is the press release from FSP.   【Taipei, Nov.25th, 2021】  FSP Group has launched …

Noctua introduces NH-L9i low-profile CPU coolers for LGA1700 and NA-FD1 fan duct

With the advent of Intel’s new LGA1700, the old uSFF stalwart cooler, the Noctua NH-L9i, was made unusable to those who want the latest and greatest platform. LGA1700’s mounting hole dimensions are larger at 78mm square versus LGA115X’s 75mm square. Also of note is that the CPU heatspreader on the new platform being 1mm shorter than previous generations – meaning even if the mounting hole pattern hadn’t changed, the contact pressure of existing coolers would likely be incorrect to enable proper thermal transfer. Noctua has just announced that they now have an LGA1700 version of the L9i available for purchase …

Puget Systems Reviews Intel 12th Gen CPUs in Detail

Puget Systems is one of the top-tier builders of PCs for very specific workloads. Unlike most of the industry, they design your system based on your specific application, and do a tremendous amount of testing to ensure their customers get the right parts for their workload. They’ve even developed their own benchmarks based on real world programs that have become a mainstay in the reviewing community, and are used by respected reviewers like Gamer’s Nexus. So when they post a review of a CPU, people listen. Puget Systems reviewed Intel’s newest 12th Gen Core CPUs with workloads in Adobe programs, …

SilverStone Shows Sugo 16 Mini-ITX 13L Cube Case

Silverstone has unveiled its latest entry into the SFF world in the form of the Sugo 16. Coming in both white and black, the 13L cube style case features support for ITX/DTX mainboards, 120mm AIO CPU cooling, and either ATX or SFX PSUs. It also has space for up to two 2.5″ drives and one 3.5″ drive.   The case features an inverted motherboard design, with rear to front cooling path. The GPU is at the top of the case and receives a large ventilation area, while the PSU sits at and exhaust from the front of the case. At …

Retro Relook: Rik’s Random Retro Shuttle SFF Live Stream!

Rik’s Random Retro has resuscitated an Athlon XP 2600+ Shuttle SN41G2 system from the early XP days, and will be streaming The Elder Scrolls II Morrowind on it tonight. This machine dates back to the early days of SFF, and predates ITX. It’s period accurate with an ATI 9700 PRO, 512MB RAM, integrated audio, and a spinning HD. While large by today’s standards, this was a tiny machine for it’s day. If you want to see first hand what SFF gaming was like before SFF was much of a thing, check it out.    

G.SKILL Shows Low-Profile DDR5

(Image Credit: GSKILL) G.SKILL has announced their upcoming low-profile DDR5 memory in the form of the Ripjaws S5. Coming in at only 33mm in height, the 16GBx2 kits will support up to DDR5-6000 speeds at 36-36-36-75 CL Timings. While the price has not been announced, analysts are expecting the DDR5 memory market to cost up to double that of DDR4’s current pricing.   (Image Credit: GSKILL) The Ripjaws S5 were shown in both black and white, with low profile heatsinks attached to the memory. At 33mm, they will still be too tall for coolers like the Alpenfohn Black Ridge that …

Valve Expands Steam Deck Compatibility Program

Valve is working quickly to expand compatibility testing for their upcoming Steam Deck. To this end, they have created four categories as staff test the tens-of-thousands of games that currently reside on Steam. Games that are “verified” will play natively on Steam Deck, whereas a game that is “playable” might require additional steps to play, or have some minor issues. Unplayable games will be labeled just that; “unplayable”. The final category is simply called “untested”.  Valve states that these ratings can change over time as developers patch their games. Additionally, Valve will maintain a curated list of games that run …

QNAP Launches SFF NAS With Four NVME Drives and 2.5Gbe

  Qnap has launced the TBS-464 portable NAS or NASbook as they’re calling it. The unit includes support for up to four NVE drives, two 2.5Gbe ports that support trunking, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports for data transfer, and two HDMI 2.0 ports for direct connection. To power the TBs-464 is powered by an Intel Celeron N5105 or N5095 quad-core CPU, and 8GB of DDR4 memory. Currently, the unit supports up to 32TB of storage. All of this in a case that measures 30 × 230 × 165 mm. As of writing, the list price for the TBS-464 is …