Corsair’s Bulldog Gets a Revamp

We weren’t the biggest fans of the original Corsair Bulldog. The cooler was… loud. Corsair seems to have taken some of the feedback to heart, and a revamp of the Bulldog case and platform has been performed. Gone is the blower fan, replaced with a standard closed loop cooler.

The included board appears to be made by MSI, and features a red colour theme. It appears to be a solidly featured M-ITX motherboard.

It looks like the vent for the original style cooler is still there!

The internal power lead has been changed, to allow the new closed loop cooler to fit.

On to the cooler. The new H6SF is a 92mm closed loop water cooler. From our (brief) research, it appears that the OEM for this unit is Asetek, namely the ‘545LC‘.

So, it seems Corsair bowed to popular opinion and changed the cooler and thus the power lead in the Bulldog. Do you have any more suggestions for Corsair? Leave them in the forum.