Log ZS Cases A4S build with HDPlex 400 and Meanwell RPS 500


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Aug 9, 2016

after using the Sliger CL530 for a while, I wanted to switch to something more compact. After a while of searching, I decided to get the ZS Cases A4S. But I wanted to have a larger side ventilation area, so I asked them, and they said, that would be no problem.
First some photos:

Now the specs:

CPU: Ryzen 3900 (non x)

GPU: Gainward RTX 2060 Phoenix with Noctua fans and an EVGA XC Ultra Bios

MB: Gigabyte X570I ITX with some smaller heatsinks for the VRM and some heatsinks glued to the small chipset heatsing

RAM: 2x 16GB DDR4 VLP ECC (Micron MTA18ADF2G72AZ-3G2E1) @3600Mhz

CPU Cooler: Alpenföhn Black Ridge with an Arctic P12 Slim

Fans: 2x 92mm Scythe Kaze Flex 92 Slim and an 80mm Akasa Slimfan

PSU: HDPlex 400w dc-dc with a Meanwell RPS-500-24-c cooled with two SUNON MagLev 40mm Fans (FAN-ML 4010-12 U)

Storage: 3 M.2 NVMe SSDs, the third one is connected using an “Wifi” m.2 to “normal” m.2 adapter.

Now some notes:

- The HDPlex doesn’t quite fit. I had to sand down the power button PCB around 1mm. I also had to sand down a bit from the backside of the power button itself. The HDPlex is glued in place.

- I installed the Meanwell on the SSD tray. I had to drill the holes myself. I installed slightly (around 5mm) offset away from the Mainboard, otherwise it might not clear it. Also, one of the threads of the Meanwell stripped after just one installation.

- The riser was barely long enough since my mainboard has a backplate. If you buy a 4.0 riser I would suggest the ADT-LINK R33UF-TU-BK-4.0 with 200mm length. It just clears the top fans.

The temps and noise:

It is surprisingly quiet and performant. I’m using the same GPU and CPU settings as in the Sliger and I tuned the fans to be even quieter than in the Sliger. The GPU uses around 100w and the CPU around 80w under load. I got 65°C on the GPU and around 70°C on the CPU with my settings under load. The chipset and the VRM sits at around 60 to 70°C.

The Fan Speeds are as follows under load:

CPU Fan ~1250RPM

GPU Fans ~950RPM

Top 92mm Fans ~1200RPM

Top 80mm Fan ~1300RPM

The PSU Fans are set statically using a small dc -dc converter and are inaudible

Thanks for reading :)
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