Production ZS Cases - A4 V3.2 8.4L - Minor Update


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Oct 21, 2020
UPDATE as of 16th July

Updated from A4 V3.1, in this update we will finally get rid of the C6 port and replace it with a larger opening to fit a proper C14 port. The result will look similar to below.

The new back panel will be compatible with V3.1 case.

The new back will NOT be compatible with V3 case as the height is different.

The new back panel will not be a free replacement for existing customers. Price approx. $30AUD incl. shipping on website.

Expected go live date for A4 V3.2 is mid August. Once A4 V3.2 is available, I will list the back panel as an individual product.

Thank you all for your patience. We are now ready to dispatch replacement C14 power cord. Below is the end product. We should fulfil all request by end of April.

Just re-confirm:
  • Replacement cord was made by 3rd party manufacturer. No mod was done in-house.
  • Replacement cord is eligible to ALL models purchased from with C6 connector.
  • Please submit replacement request via Contact Us page, please include your order# in the message.
  • For orders placed on Taobao store, please submit replacement request via Taobao store.

We have received positive feedback from our 2nd Update. So we have decided to go ahead with this solution. We will share first production sample here when ready. And send another update when we're ready to dispatch.

This replacement cord will apply to ALL models from ZS Cases with C6 connector.

When the cord is ready for dispatch, please submit replacement request via website including your order#

For orders placed on Taobao store, please submit replacement request via Taobao store.

After we posted 1st C14 Update. the feedback we received were generally neutral to negative. Therefore we went back to the drawing board and looking for better answer. We have decided to outsource and have a 3rd party manufacturer to produce a C13/C14 cable that can fit through our C6 cut-out. This will be a 1 cord solution, and there will be no in-house mod, the cord will be factory default spec. We will share production sample when available in about 2 weeks time.

Again we will send out replacement cable to all V3 & V3.1 customers up on request free of charge. Below is the concept, let us know what you think. Keep in mind the photos below is just a concept, not final product.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the temporary solution introduce in the previous update. It wasn't a complete solution and thanks for the community posts in Reddit we have now better understand the situation and we've heard your concern loud and clear. C14 cord is the only safe solution for international buyers. So when we researching for the latest solution we wanted to make sure C14 is used and also no extra cut-out to the case so our older customers can also benefit from this replacement process.

Here is our plan:
  • By early April, we will send an email to ALL customers who purchased A4 V3 & V3.1 from Ask if they want to receive the replacement cord.
  • Up on request, we will send C14 replacement cords free of charge.
  • We will no longer provide the pigtail solution, leaving C6 connector on the case is confusing and, aesthetically speaking, if remove C6 from the case, a big rectangular hole isn't a good look either.
  • For customer who purchased from Taobao, please contact Taobao seller directly as your first option.
There are 2 cords, 1st cord connect from PSU to the back panel. 2nd cord connect from back panel to power cord.

1st cord

2nd cord, the bracket on power cord end will be removed.

Standard C14 copper wire

7mm thick cord

The new C14 is same height as the old C6 plug

Two plugs can be full inserted, the panel will not intrude.

Video 1
Video 2

We saw the Reddit post regarding short circuit involving the current ZS A4 V3 case. We have come up with below solutions:
  • To allow pigtail as an optional feature. The pigtail hole location will be here. We will also provide the C13/C14 cord. To be clear, if customer do not specifically request this feature, we will ship the case without pigtail hole.
  • For all V3.1 cases, we're switching the direction of ground wire to face downwards (towards the GPU). So even if GPU touches the connector (which it shouldn't to begin with), it'll not cause short circuit.
  • We have added GPU size guide in the product page to help customer understand the maximum GPU size they can install in our V3.1 case.

We have also added user manual earlier this month.

Currently we are still trying to catch up on the backlog of V3.1. We expect to catch up by end of the month and have all 3 colours in stock, ready for weekly dispatch.

Thanks for all your support as always!

  • Increased case height by 2mm.
  • Redesign the top panel lift mechanism. We now have a small cut-out on back panel
  • Optimized magnets locations, so you can use magnets for both case orientation.
ZS A4 V3.1 Features/Spec:

  • 8.3L 8.4L
  • L: 320mm x W: 134mm x H: 194mm H: 196mm
  • 2.1kg net weight
  • Black; Grey; Silver
  • Motherboard: mini-ITX
  • GPU up to: L: 315mm x H: 145mm x W: 59mm
  • PSU: SFX or SFX-L (occupied a fan slot)
  • CPU cooler up to: 65mm
  • Fan Slot: 1 x 120mm x 25mm (under PSU); 1 x 120mm x 15mm (above PSU); 1 x 120mm x 12mm 15mm (under M/B)
  • rivers: 2 x 2.5" (it will take 12025 fan space under PSU)
  • AIO: top hat available at 36mm or 46mm

Also we have received concerns on missing installation guide. We are still working on the installation guide. For the meantime, please refer to below toolbox guide to assist with your installation.

In the past few days we received feedback from buyers of October batch and people from community (shoutout to REVOCCASES) , we are truly grateful for your feedback and suggestion and please keep them coming! So for November batch we have made following adjustments:

  • Improved lever mechanism to pop open the top panel. Please find photos below of our prototype, and short clip here
  • Improve switch PCB footprint, to allow easier top & bottom panel switch
We frequently receive concerns about the clover leaf inlet used in our cases, suspecting that its low amps (2.5A, which is not true) are unable to deliver enough wattage for PSU.

Rest assure we are very careful with selecting parts. The aim is to create as much space as possible inside the case while at the same time provide enough power to drive the hardware.

We already have a customer installed RTX 3090 into his A4 V3 cases and did not report any issue, so it's safe to say our clover leaf inlet can handle the top class GPU on the market.

Here is the spec of our clover leaf inlet:

Temperature resistance: -25 - 125 degree Celsius

Dielectric withstand strength: AC 2500V / 5sec

Amps: 5A 250V

Inlet material: Copper nickel plated

UL 94 rating: V-0 (plastic burning stops within 10 seconds)

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ

Hi All,

Welcome to ZS Cases. ZS A4 V3 is our latest model, the first batch was sold and shipped in early October 2020. Please watch this space for all future updates on this case (top-hat for AIO, side panels, new colors etc.) Please let me know if you have any question/suggestion.

ZS A4 V3 Features/Spec:

  • 8.3L
  • L: 320mm x W: 134mm x H: 194mm
  • 2.1kg net weight
  • Black; Grey; Silver
  • Motherboard: mini-ITX
  • GPU up to: L: 315mm x H: 145mm x W: 59mm
  • PSU: SFX or SFX-L (occupied a fan slot)
  • CPU cooler up to: 65mm
  • Drivers: 2 x 2.5"
  • Fan Slot: 1 x 120mm x 25mm (under PSU); 1 x 120mm x 15mm (above PSU); 1 x 120mm x 12mm (under M/B)
  • AIO: top hat available at 36mm or 46mm
Unique feature:
  • Top and Bottom panel are interchangeable, so you can have 2 x fans at the bottom; 1 x fan at the top, or vice versa
  • Magnetic top panel for easy access
  • Slide out side panel
  • 4mm thick high quality anodizing sandblasted aluminum
  • Tools included to assemble case
  • Ultra minimalist design so there's no button at front panel
  • Two parts back plate design allows user to adjust between 5 different CPU/GPU combination. 5 plates included.

*Above toolbox is for A4 V2 case. A4 V3 also comes with this box but slightly different screws, case feet etc.

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Dec 8, 2019
AIO: unavailable at the moment. However we have plan to expand case volume in order to fit 1 x 240mm at 30mm or 45mm thick

I would be very interested in this, since it's pretty much the only option to run something like 3950X inside.


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Mar 1, 2020
I have the ZS-A4 V2 and it's really well built. Looks like this one trades the clean aesthetic of less panel gaps for better hardware compatibility and cooling. :)


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Oct 21, 2020
Would be a cool thing to mix and match colors for the parts. Say white back/front and grey sides and top.

This will be possible once we change our packaging. Right now A4 V3 came assembled, but we have plan to pack the case IKEA style and let customer assemble the case by themselves. when that happen we can mix different color panel per customer request.

Also in future when we build a healthy stock level, we can offer customized color panel. Stay tuned!
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Oct 21, 2020
Do you have any pictures/renders of a 3090 FE in situ in the case? How do you anticipate thermals to be given the sandwich layout?
Hi Intrepid_Cosmonaut,

Unfortunately we have not been able to find a 3090 FE for testing. However we did find a user in reddit post a MSI 3090 build in our A4 V3 case. His result was 45-50 degree idle and 70-75 degree when running Cinebench R20 a couple of times. Please note this user only occupied 2 of the 3 available fan slots. So we believe the thermal result can be improved further if use all 3 fan slots.

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Nov 17, 2019
  • GPU up to: L: 315mm x H: 145mm x W: 59mm
  • CPU cooler up to: 65mm
  • Fan Slot: 1 x 120mm x 25mm (under PSU); 1 x 120mm x 15mm (above PSU); 1 x 120mm x 12mm (under M/B)


I'm very interested in your case. Curious about something, case is already way below the 10L mark, why are you not bringing support for nh-l12s which is the best low profile air cooler? It is just 5mm shy. It would also be awesome that supports standard dual 25 mm fans on the interchangeable panel.

I'm looking for a case below 10L that supports this hardware and that ships to my country.