Zotac RTX 3080 deshroud optimization ideas?


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Dec 2, 2020
Got a Zotac RTX 3080 Holo recently and tossed it into a v1 Ncase M1. The card doesn't fit with the front I/O panel installed, even with removing the power button, USB and audio jacks - that and the fans running very loud at load (I'm in a warm country) has incentivized me to try deshrouding.

I've configured case airflow to emulate /u/M1AF's layout here as much as possible using the NH-C14S, with the only difference being 2 Gentle Typhoons running at 1850rpm. I ran a handful of compute benchmarks and noticed that overall GPU temps were higher than the stock fans, although the noise is definitely more acceptable since the stock fans on the card were ramping up past 70% fan speeds. The obvious thing I noticed is that some of the static air pressure on the fans is wasted since the Zotac card isn't extra wide like the 2080 Ti Strix used in the linked image gallery. Would swapping the 2 GT fans for 3x NF-A9 or Arctic P8s stuck either on the heatsink or at the bottom of the case improve GPU thermals?

Lastly, I found that VRAM on this card is definitely capable of clocking more than 21Gb/s, however the card starts reporting thermal throttling after a few hours even when GPU temps hasn't hit the threshold set in MSI Afterburner. Eyeballing the backplate shows that there are thermal pads used where VRAM chips are located at to dissipate heat there and the backplate near the GPU core gets very hot after a sustained workload. What would be the best way to get airflow over the backplate where the GPU core is to reduce the likelihood of thermal throttling?
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