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    [Update] Available for pre-order on our website
    Thank you all for your constant support. We are glad to announce that our case will be available on the website starting now, you can purchase it via this link
    You can also use the coupon HAPPYSFF to get a $20 off
    We estimate the first shipment to be in mid-May

    As someone might worry about thermal issue. Here is our test result.
    We are using intel i7-8086k as our testing processor, and Cryorig C7 Cu as our heat sink
    The screenshot can be found here
    The temperature of CPU without standoff is
    The Temperature of the CPU with standoff is
    Conclusion: for normal, daily use, users will not need any standoff, and the CPU can still handle some occasional heavy duty task. In case of heavy gaming/rendering or anything that could require high CPU Utilization, it is recommended to use Standoff to prevent overheating.

    A detailed document containing thermal testing data is available here

    [Update] Release Tomorrow! Plus some new photos
    Thank you all for your following and supporting. We are releasing our kickstarter campaign tomorrow, Friday, 2019.2.22 at 5:22pm ET/ 4:22pm CST / 3:22pm MT / 2:22pm PT.
    BTW, we have some new photo updates from Kevin, check it out
    In our final campaign, we will put up three color – Silver, Dark Grey and Fire red. If you still want some last-minute new color, be sure to fill in the form here.

    [Update] Color Selection
    We have originally planned several colors including Silver, Dark Grey, Fire Red, etc and we had settled on Dark Grey and Fire Red for the retail version.
    However, we are constantly exploring new colors and would like to invite you to vote for them. If a new color gets enough vote. We will add it into our kickstarter campaign. The form is here:
    Here is a preview of our image color. The color might be different from screens and also real products

    [Update] Websites are back online, along with Z-Cases preparing for its debut on Feb. 22 (Z-Day)

    Its been a long time since last major update, and we are glad to announce TWO BIG News

    Big News 1:
    Z-Cases is back! We are going to continue our project and push on the progress. Our brand new updated website is here, check it out

    Big News 2:
    Z-Cases P50 will go online on Feb. 22, 2019 @ Kickstarter. Yay! and we got a new e-mail address for any inquiry. The e-mail address is here [email protected] . Be sure to throw any question you have to us. We would take our best effort to reply

    We have our official twitter and facebook account for updates, check it out

    See you on kickstarter.


    BTW: We are faster than AirPower to debut


    Z-CASES is a startup company founded by Bernardo and Kevin in late 2017.
    For over an year, we have been working hard on an innovative SFF PC Case, that we plan to crowdfund soon.
    So far, we've accomplished quite a lot: a partnership with Cryorig, Enhance and Jonsbo, an appearance at Computex 2018, three prototype revisions, and more.
    But, being a small team, we actually need a successful Kickstarter to make it work.
    Final prototypes are ready, and we just need to figure out a few more things now.

    We hope you all enjoy our project, and support us in the future!


    Rev.1 prototype:

    Rev.2 prototype (showed at Computex 2018):

    Rev.3 prototype (made by Jonsbo):

    Custom Flex ATX PSU (made by Enhance - Silent 600w 80+ Platinum):

    More info and pics at:
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    Any way to rout the power cable to the bottom? PSU cords are thick and unruly to deal with.

    Is this case only for exhaust type gpus?
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    Hello, thanks for the reply!

    If we move power cable to bottom, we would have to enlarge the case a bit, as it won't fit in the current state.
    About GPU, we think it can fit any type, as there is a lot distance available to the glass panel. But exhaust ones will probably work better, because of airflow. We will make extensive tests with different hardwares when the prototype arrives, I will let you guys know.

    Cheers :)
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    do you also think about sfx psu support?
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    At first, not really, as it would make the visual and airflow of the case a bit worse.
    I mean, if a lot of people have problem with Flex-ATX, we may change to SFX of course. But its not a priority now.
    Do you think Flex is a bad choice? If so, why?

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    Noise & pitch. FlexATX has server grade 40mm fans, cross that with the 60mm fans this may wind up a bit noisy on the models over 270W. (I find the 500W FSP model unusable it's so high pitched at load.)

    I would also try to offset the 60mm fans 3~4mm from the vent pattern as you'll get blade cavitation with your airflow pattern for even more noise.

    May be better to put the fans between the GPU and motherboard, and make the motherboard cavity a positive pressure chamber. The only other concern is the CPU heatsink fan looks a little starved by the tempered glass panel clearance and being in a negative pressure plenum, having the 60mm fans blow across it would address that.
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    Ok, thanks for the tips, we will consider them. We just need to wait the prototypes to arrive, because we've already ordered them. We will test different configurations on those.
    About the CPU cooler distance to the glass, we are aware that it might not work like this. But don't worry, it's not a huge problem, since we would just need to add vent holes on the glass to solve it. We may try 2 different glass panels on this first prototype anyway, to compare both possibilities (with and without vent holes).

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    Beautiful case. Really, it is. I can definitely see the S4 Mini inspiration here.
    I'm not a fan of the flat legs (base) on the side though. I understand that it's more for function, but a case like this deserves to be all about the aesthetics and that base don't flow as well as the rest of the case.

    I'll definitely be a buyer if it goes on sale.
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    Wow, thanks for the feedback bro!
    We are working really hard to make this a real product, so I'm glad you liked it.
    We didn't give much thought on the base design, so if you have any sugestion, feel free to send an idea ;)
    The only aspects we considered for the base were: being "clean looking" and not increasing the overall volume much (that's why it's flat).

  10. RoLexus

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    I don't believe this case can install 148 mm height graphic card due power cable for 6/8 pin PCIE remember your card in render is 120 mm height. Also air vent hole is so big that animals like mouse can go inside. And I can see trouble with ventilation for graphic card.
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    Hello, thanks for the post.
    Im almost sure the gpu height support is correct, but I will confirm with Kevin tomorrow. I just remember him saying that it can fit almost any taller graphic card available.
    About air vent hole, you mean the front gap? If yes, we know that it might be a problem for some people, mainly because of dust. Even if there exists many "open air" cases out there, we may include a dust filter as an option, so dont worry.
    At last, gpu airflow wont be problem, specially when using exhaust type ones, since the gpu fan is so close to the front gap hole. But we may also consider adding vent holes on glass for gpu, so we will be doing some tests for that.

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    Hi all.

    As stated on first post, we are "pre-revealing" these pics exclusively on SFFForum for a reason, so your feedback is being very helpfull! Thanks a lot for all replies.
    Based on those, we think the main concern now is airflow/temps, so we decided making the following tests as soon as the prototypes arrive:

    1. Case WITHOUT vent holes on the tempered glass:
    a) With 60mm fans turned off (neutral pressure);
    b) With 60mm fans pulling air out (negative pressure);
    c) With 60mm fans pulling air in (positive pressure).

    2. Case WITH vent holes on the tempered glass (both on CPU and GPU spots):
    a), b) and c) options.

    This way we will know for sure what is the best airflow configuration for the case. We will let you guys know!

    About Flex-ATX PSU, would you guys consider a custom made one (with quieter fan, and maybe even modular)? The case would also support standard ones of course, but assuming most people probably don't own one, we would sell them separately on our website, or maybe even offer a "PSU Bundle" option. Kevin is from China, so he knows some very big modders there, I know that. Also, I'm sure it's possible to customize those psus with very good quality, as they exist already in Taobao and other stores. See some examples:

    Last, but not least, I will post some extra 3d model pics here later, to clarify all the dimensions clearances.
    Any thoughts? Please, make a post.

  13. Kevin Yu

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    good work!
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    I like the design. It looks really nice.

    What i dont like is the flex ATX supply. The ones I experienced were annoying in terms of noise emission. And they have this ugly cables. SFX would be better.

    I am also worried about temperatures. Things might heat up here without more vent holes. I am excited for your tests.

    But otherwise super good work!
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    Thanks for the feedback bro. We know those things may be a problem, but only a proper prototype test will make us certain.
    Btw, I've just seen your PROJECT VERTICAL, very nice work! Not really my taste, but I'm sure you will find some people interested in it.
    Anyway, good luck to us, I appreciate the comment ;)

  16. Josh | NFC

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    Great presentation and look forward to the prototype. Crediting inspiration is CLASSY and shows you are an enthusiast who wants to bring your flavor to established design.

    I have lots and lots of questions but we can hash out on Skype.

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    Hey Josh! Thanks for the comment bro.
    You've been really helpful to us with all your advices, so we'll make sure to take all of them in consideration.
    About the crediting, don't worry, that's the least i can do. Along with some other people, you've been a pioneer in this "SFF world", so I'm certain you have inspired many others like me.
    We are pretty anxious for the prototype too, hope it all works out well and don't take too long, as we are working hard for it.

    Cheers ;)
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    First of all, I want to congratulate on a great design and for basically creating my dream case; a Lian Li PC-O5 without the bulk (and hopefully a lower price).

    An issue I see, is that the "front" air intake (gap between glass a frame) might be too small. I got warned not to buy the PC-O5 a while back due to that having too poor air flow leading to overheating. And that case has perforated side panels, and room for dual 120 mm fans in the top (and 240 mm rad with the S-model).

    I personally would like to see this case also utilizing a HDPLEX or G-Unique PSU, in order to keep it all slim, silent and minimalistic, compared to a FlexPSU with a whiney 40mm fan.

    Finally, I hope this case will come in white and Lamborghini Orange (well, something close to that anyways. Xp)
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    Hi Mortis, thanks for the awesome feedback, really! This is the kind of comment that shows we are on the right path, and encourages us to work hard on it.
    We have indeed been inspired by Lian Li PC-05, I'm glad you noticed it. I also find their price absurd, specially for such a big manufacturer like them, so we will try to keep our price in the 250$ range.
    About the front gap hole, there is not much point on making it bigger, because the PSU would block it anyway.
    But don't worry about the airflow, an easy and guaranteed fix for it would be just adding vent holes on the side panel. We are still studying other possibilities, because we think the case looks much cleaner with the "flat" tempered-glass, but we will probably just end up with this solution. As soon as we get the prototype in hands, we will make extensive temp tests to make sure.
    Along with airflow, PSU is also a fix priority for us now, so we will work on it for sure. We considered HDPLEX, but they can only go up to 400w, while Flex can go up to 600w. We really feel this case deserves the absolute best hardware, so 400w probably wont be enough for a i7+1080ti or Ryzen7+Vega64 for example. So the first solution we will try for this is getting a Custom Flex-ATX, with quieter fans and maybe even modular, just like Geeek is planning to do (check: ). Kevin is from China, so he knows some very big modders there who can easily do this for a fair price. We will see how that works on the prototype, and if it's good, we will sell them separately on our website.
    For last, orange was actually our 4th color choice after the 3 shown on the pics, so consider it a possibility! I'm not really sure about white, because I was looking at Zaber Sentry updates, and he claims it's really hard to get a perfect white finishing, so we'll see.
    Sorry for the long post, hope all your doubts are clarified. Any other questions, feel free to ask.
    PS: we might have an exciting update in a few days, so keep an eye ;)
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  20. Kmpkt

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    Just a suggestion, but I think if you modified the Flex ATX mounting cage to take either a Flex ATX power supply or a pair of HDPlex 160W/300W AC-DC units you'd have a significantly more appealing unit. I was amongst the first to get my hands on the FSP 500W 80-Plus gold close to three years ago (after pretending I ran a serious PC development company to get a sample lol). It was so loud that I ended up just giving it away to iFreilicht who was super into Flex ATX at the time. Additionally I wouldn't even consider myself a sound Nazi like a lot of people here.

    Along these same lines, I think one of the things you perhaps haven't considered in your design is that while the big gap in the front will be great for letting air in, it will also be awesome at letting noise out. I foresee the sound from the 40mm fan channeling through the Flex chassis and puking out right where the glass and metal are furthest apart. If you're using the case correctly with the glass facing you so you can see your 1500 dollar GTX 1070, odds are the fan noise will be reaching your ears virtually unobstructed.

    I think the other thing to consider is allowing for a push/pull fan configuration whereby you can intake air with a 60mm fan in the bottom right corner and exhaust out the top, again using 60mm fans. The advantage here would be significant airflow across the motherboard and particularly the area around the heatsink. I think if you had this implemented properly you could have a max supported cooler height of 40ish mm and keep your tempered glass side panel intact.
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