Let’s get this out of the way first, かわいい , pronounced kawaii, and is a Japanese word describing the “culture of cute” found in Japan. To this end, Yeston, a 2nd tier GPU manufacturer, has released the “Cute Pet” RTX3060, a very much non-gameresque card aimed at a different audience than the usual “TUF”, “Killer”, “Bazooka”, “Challenger”, etc branding.
SFF Network user Cupsuki linked us to this particular card on our Discord server (have you joined us yet?) – found in a news post on VideoCardz.com, and it’s very… kawaii. It’s not just a paint job either, with quite a few custom cutouts in the cooling shroud, iridescent stickers and a colour scheme to match the theme.
Underlying the shroud is a standard clocked RTX3060, so nothing new performance wise. The...

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