Concept X-Tower and X-Console STE, Slide to extend case and a funny case design story.


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Jan 22, 2018
I have a long trip but now still waiting for documents, very bored, many projects are pending.
But at this time, each day I have one idea and design it and now I have dozens projects:

And last week I have an idea, I want some cases which can cover almost popular styles.
X-Tower and X-Console STE - Slide to extend are the design results.
X-Tower is a low tower case style, Dimention 315x133x184mm Slided: 315x133x245mm, metal structure.
Support SFX PSU, Water cooling, almost VGA cards, remote power button.... (Will list detail later).
X-Console is a console style case, Dimention 350x260x70mm Slided: 350x302x70mm, metal structure.
Support Flex PSU, SFX PSU (when slide), Almost VGA cards, remote power button.... (Will list detail later).

My partner will update details later. Now I want to sleep.


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Jan 26, 2018
Why not wider, instead of taller? Because most people need to fit bigger air coolers such as a Noctua D15.