Wireless Hdmi

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Singular, Jan 25, 2016.

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    some in here has try it? Something like the Microsoft Dongle?
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    Hi, I have long switched to wireless HDMI.
    I can tell you about the advantages:
    wireless HDMI transmitter kit can be controlled from anywhere in the home or office.(some models)
    The signal and sound are clear, strong, and uninterrupted. Don't hesitate!/
    And no cables anymore!
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    That 25 month late reply...
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    This thread is that old? Wow. I this is the first time I've hear of wireless HDMI. What does it transmit to? Wifi? Bt?
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    “ Rise, rise young thread whom died before it’s time !!!”

    I think it’s WiFi. Worked at a House one time the owner had it in a HT room hooked to a projector. Said it worked great but it added a bit of video lag drom his av receiver to the projector.
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    I used to use alot of Teradek and Paralinx products in my old job. Not consumer priced but maybe things have changed? The latency on them is fairly OK but if you are looking for gaming grade probably not. I have some in my office still but its mostly used for wireless video monitoring for filming.
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    Most wireless HDMI kits I’ve seen rely on protocols other than WiFi (they’re sold as paired transmitters and receivers that aren’t designed to interoperate with other devices you own, so the protocol doesn’t really matter anyway) and prices have come down to around $120 USD, I believe, with quite a few readily available on Amazon. They add some latency, and many of them are very short range, but otherwise they work fine. I set my father-in-law up with one a year ago and it’s been working great for him. As Josh said, I wouldn’t use it for gaming, but for hooking up media playback devices (e.g. Roku, cable box, etc.) it shouldn’t be a problem.
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    One quick question. it seemed to me that HDMI splitters and wireless HDMI are one and the same. The only difference is that one of them is wireless. Or I'm wrong? We argued with my brother about this.
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    I may be wrong, but I believe Wireless hdmi is just like an invisible cord. It doesn’t do any splitting the signal to multiple devices like a switch or splitter would, just from the source to target device.
  10. Aichon

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    Agreed. Wireless HDMI is typically sold as a point-to-point system (i.e. a cable), not a one-to-many system (i.e. a splitter + cables). While it theoretically could be used to broadcast from a single transmitter to numerous receivers, in practice I don't recall ever seeing that as a feature on a consumer model. Which isn't to say that it doesn't exist, but it doesn't seem to be what people are generally talking about when they talk about wireless HDMI.