Win10 and gaming issues

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    More like Windows 10 issues in general. When I built my new mini pc, I installed an nvme drive and thus decided to go with Win10 to avoid dealing with nvme drivers for a win7 install. And for future compatibility I suppose. Built the PC, played with for a week, then stuck it in a box for the next several months as I moved and renovated a new home. Fast forward to today, I'm back up and running and had a slew of updates since last September, of which include the Fall creator update.

    That update caused me a few headaches which I've finally worked out. But trying to play games I have some stuttering issues that come and go. New pc, just installed the games, so I have no base for performance prior to now.


    7700k - water cooled (H55)
    geforce 1060 mini

    Temps are just under 40c most of the time and I'll see around 65c during gaming. From what I've read, the 7700 runs hotter than previous Intels. Add that to a tiny case with less airflow, I think temperature-wise I'm still ok. Then I read reports of other people having stuttering issues with Win10. Has anyone else experience similar issues? Can anyone tell me if their gaming issues started after the Fall creator update or if Win10 has always caused the issue?

    I'm trying to refrain from listing all the things I dislike about Windows 10.
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    Which NVIDIA driver are you running?
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    Which driver are you running? What games? What settings?

    More information and we might be able to help. We are not mind readers. If we were, we'd be working for a shadowy government or criminal organization making mega money and not worrying about the cost of gaming components.