Enclosure Will a Noctua C14S and Gigabyte X570 Pro Wifi ITX fit in a Jonsbo U1 PLUS case?


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May 17, 2016
"CPU Cooler:Not higher than 133MM"

"Height (with fan): 115 / 142 mm"

Which means the cooler will fit, but with one fan underneath the fins only, in 'Low profile mode':

But then you are restricted to 40mm RAM or, if higher, to install the cooler in a specific orientation in order not to interfere with the RAM.

Noctua's compatibility checker also states:
"Caution: Heatsink will overhang the edge of the board by about 1 cm, thus please double-check case compatibility"

According to this picture, where the mobo is a MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC without such a caution, 1cm will be a really tight fit if you have to offset the cooler towards the top.

Will this work?
I would say it is very unlikely because of the 1cm overhanging. Along with RAM restriction, a deeper check is needed anyway.
But checking if it fits or not is part of the SFF fun, you got to do you homework mate ;)
What I will do is getting the drawings of both the mobo and the cooler at 1:1 scale and see in drawing software how the cooler could be positioned with the RAM in mind. And then see if such position(s) could be compatible with the case.
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Feb 26, 2022
Thanks. I had a 5900x and a 3060 in a 3.9 litre Velka 3 v2, cooled by a Noctua L9A and it was noisy. Currently I have no case and use a Noctua U9S and its still noisy but it doesnt ramp up as much. I have bought a C14S and will get it soon.

The problem is that after the Velka, every case will seem massive and now I don't know which case to get. I have a Gigabtye x570 ITX and noticed that the CPU socket sits higher than normal and thisis what causes the C14S to overhang by 1cm.