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Where have I been?

This post is not the opinion of Minutiae Media/SFF Network :)

Some may have noticed my absence from the forum. Don't worry, I haven't done an @Aibohphobia, I've been busy with IRL stuff - a busy Christmas season at work, helping with CES coverage from home, mental health issues, parenting focus and the like. It's been hectic, as those who are in the SFFWorkshop Discord/IRC channels have seen (link in my signature).

In late 2018, I stood down from content production for SFF Network - no more articles from me. (I also left Minutiae Media, but that's irrelevant here) This is due to many factors, but the primary is my changing view on the format, as well as I just don't have the patience any more for umpteen cooler/ case tests. I found thermal testing in a scientific method to be mentally draining, more so than the many, many other responsibilities in my life. Coupled with expectant readers and manufacturers, I burnt out, hard.

I've handed the reigns to @3lfk1ng, however I am still in the background in a support role. I'm also remaining as a community leader - don't panic!!

I made the determination to move to a new content stream of sorts, and one that doesn't totally align with SFF Network. I have many passions outside of SFF - some longer standing than the niche - cars and servers as am example. I want to have fun with tech again, and half the content I'll be doing is not always specifically SFF related.

I'm launching SFF Workshop in the coming weeks. This isn't in competition to SFF Network, don't fret! It's a complementary relationship. I'll be covering SFF (of course), servers, random DIY, electronics, and much more. Some stuff that doesn't belong on the SFF Network front page, and has been waiting in the sidelines while I focused on SFF Network. The content will be in video content, and it won't be the testing, benchmarks and minute details that the SFF community loves - it'll be fun projects.

Building a quiet 1U server. Making a new housing for my favourite bluetooth speaker and upgrading it. Building my S4M. Working on my car. Photography. Exploring. Gaming. Hopefully attending Computex again this year and meeting up with the SFFn crew.

Everything I find fun, and I'm taking my viewers along for the ride.

I'm working on being more active here in the mean time. Life has left little time for my favourite community, but things are looking easier in the future. My support is undying for SFF Network and the forum, I just want to enjoy tech again :)

Join me on this new journey:

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As a teaser for the content, spot what's wrong with this picture.