What would happen if non-conventional manufacturers made cases?

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    This is a bit of a joke:

    What would happen if the following manufacturers made cases?
    • Noctua
    • ASRock
    • AMD
    • SeaSonic
    • Apple (this one is a zany one)
    • Lenovo (to actual gamers not in ODM/OEM PCs)
    • Volvo
    • Nokia
    • Honda
    • Xiaomi (search it up!)
    • Hakko (lololol)
    Submit rough sketches as jokes if you're willing to! Otherwise, a feature description would be OK!

    What would happen if Volvo and Nokia teamed up to make a laptop?
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    Intel and Nvidia might invent interesting cases.

    Automakers could potentially come up with good cases too but I do not think so for the phone makers. One of the most important aspect is the air flow management of the case and automakers have the resources to run extensive CFD sims for the design. I wonder if Mini and Swatch would be releasing SFF cases.
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    My concept for the Noctua case:
    • Only 15L for an ATX Case
    • Supports 4 racks of 4 120mm fans
    • Uses 2 SFX power supplies
    • Supports large (ROG Strix large) GPUs
    • Supports 5 3.5" HDDs and 4 2.5" SSDs, or 2 SSDs per HDD cage
    • Weighs 20 pounds
    • Premium machined aluminum/steel design
    • Premium Cherry-MX switch for power button (choose your power button feel!)
    • 4 USB 3, 2 USB 2, USB-C
    • Comes in black aluminium, grey aluminium, grey steel, or white steel
    More tomorrow...
    This is a waste of time ;)
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    IIRC Intel and Nvidia have both made cases, neither has done so for their consumer line but both have done so for their server hardware. Nvidia w/ their DGX products and Intel for a number of their server products over the years.


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    So much 90's feel.
    In those days when beige was the norm, these were the smart badass.
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    To be fair most people who are buying servers couldnt give a shit less what they look like but yeah, i agree, their not the most inspired designs. It looks like Nvidia sort of tried but IMO the DGX station also looks like a prop piece from the window display of a high street jewellers. At the end of the day though its a market where performance density and serviceability matter a damn sight more than glowing fans and OLED screens mounted to waterblocks. The contents of any of these systems will likely out perform most of whats on our desks today, tomorrow and in many cases next year too.
  7. VegetableStu

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    that's at most 201mm high o_o barely taller than your standard short ruler
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    Noctua beige and brown case, keyboard and cans !


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    AMD had Project Quantum, a dual-chamber watercooled design with the CPU (Intel, amusingly) plus two GPUs in the lower chamber and a 180mm radiator and fan in the upper chamber. The PSU was external and enormous.
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    IT'S NOCTUA they'll figure something out

    I personally like how it looks :)

    OMG! What case did they use? I need to buy these things...
  12. Solo

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    That's a CaseLabs Bullet. Nice triple post.
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    The daily dose of insanity:

    The Volvo-Nokia laptop
    • Titanium frame with carbon-fiber wrap
    • 13" IPS 100% sRGB/RGB/P3 1440p display
    • Threadripper inside
    • 18-phase VRM inside
    • Up to 2x 1080 Ti graphics
    • ultra-dense copper advanced heat-pipe cooling system
    • 4x USB 3, 4x TB3, Headphone/mic, SD card slot, 3x DP, 1x HDMI 2
    • 90 Whr battery
    • Switches on keyboard rated for 5x10^10 strokes each (after factory testing)
    • Sapphire screen with anti-shatter diamond interstich
    • Premium gold-plated I/O ports with 5x10^10 plug/unplug cycles each
    • Submersible in water for 4 hours at 10 meters
    • Premium stain-resistant carbon-fiber finish over keyboard
    • 20MP f1.7 rear-facing Zeiss camera+ 41MP Sony Exmor RS Mobile main camera with adjustable aperture, (f1.0 to f2.5), advanced 3-axis OIS and advanced EIS, dual-pixel AND laser autofocus, and large (5cm by 8cm) image sensor
    • 16MP selfie camera with OIS
    • Up to 128 GB of RAM
    • Up to a petabyte of M.2 SSD, and/or 2 petabytes of HDDs (by Seagate, HGST, or Western Digital)
    • Fingerprint sensor, iris scanner, advanced facial recognition, and password options
    • Owner's manual is 10,000 pages long
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    How about if BMW designed a case?

    Witness the glory that is the Corsair Bulldog:


    No joke, this is a BMW Designworks design.*

    *Technically a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMW
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    Couldn't resist, this chassis so looks like a toad...

  16. tinyitx

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    And, the Polestar Edition has two additional features:-
    • Polestar Turbo (factory CPU pre-overclocking of 40%)
    • Polestar Anticrash (guarantee bootable and no data loss when dropped from a height up to 10 metre)
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    There's also the Nokia 3310 package that encases the whole thing in a case made of Nokia 3310s, each with a different carrier in your country.

    Or, the Nokia 6 package, which adds a thicc metal midframe to the thing, increasing structural rigidity from max 3 tons on laptop to max 10 tons on laptop.

    I assume the Polestar edition would be blue?
    Wasm't the Level 10 by BMW also? (lol while typing BMW I typed BMX)
    They should've called the thing the Toad McToadyToadface ;) Did you find that as an online meme?
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    The best build ever, brough to you by Fractal Design, Noctua, and (I think) Gigabyte and Sapphire
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    There was this thing (sigh. I wish I owned one of these, a Nokia 8, a Thinkpad P50, and a Volvo Polestar. A boy can dream.)

    Hopefully this thing doesn't get banned for emissions cheating ;)

    What do you think is the most durable laptop/desktop available? Custom partslists allowed!
    Also: Which laptop do you think I drool over the most? (Hint: It's not Apple or HP or Acer or ASUS)(Another hint: There are multiple, but if you guess the product line, you win credo!)(Another another hint: I enjoy some Chinese brands very much... My fitness tracker is doing very well for a $30 device from GearBest... The logo also appeals to me, with simple text and orange/white design. They somehow manage to earn a ton of ILF design awards also...)
  20. jØrd

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    Porsche Design have done a bunch of peripheral stuff for Lacie before finally taking a shot at a laptop.

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