What side to run the Riser? dAN V4.1


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Apr 26, 2021
Sorry if this is not an important consideration.

I have been watching many builds for the Dan case - versions 1 - 4 that have the PCI3 black riser and they all seem to run the cable GFX card side.
The PCI4 silver cable was on the MObo side out of the box, and I've seen just one install with it under the motherboard. It seems people are bending it back under on the GFX side, and one person even under the plastic on the GFX side.

What are the pro/cons of each side? I'm guessing the bend is les obtrusive on the under mobo fan, if you run it mobo side, but people choose not to do this because of under mobo M2 cards? that is the main pro/con I can think of.

Am I over thinking this?