Power Supply What Makes Corsair SFX Better Than the Rest?


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Nov 28, 2018
Corsair SF series seems to be the most recommended SFX PSUs in the community.
What makes them better over other brands? Especially over the EVGA GM series?
Is it because they been around longer?

I personally have the SF600 Plat and no complaints so far.
I'm looking into getting a EVGA SFX because they are cheaper in my area.
What are the downsides? Noise?


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Aug 18, 2016
i really shouldn't be playing celebrities here, but JonnyGuru works at Corsair and most likely has seen the SF series through


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Feb 22, 2015
I personally recommend Corsair's units much of the time because they hit the main checkboxes most folks have in mind when shopping for a SFX PSU:
  • Very well built (reviewers who have torn the units down have seen good construction and quality components)
  • Competitive warranty (7 years)
  • Generally good noise performance for the form factor
  • Modular cables (and a balanced selection of them)
I don't think anyone else can claim all of the above. As such, you tend to pay a touch more with Corsair in most cases, but that is well worth peace of mind and not really compromising anywhere else.

If SFX-L works for you, that complicates the consideration a little bit since those can use larger 120mm fans and are available at higher wattages.
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Jan 7, 2016
I feel it’s about accessibility right now. Looking through Amazon and Newegg Corsair SFX are on both and at good prices. I noticed that EVGA, Silverstone, Lían Li, Fractal, etc, tend to only be on one or the other and sometimes at a much higher price than the Corsair.

im going off my memory of searching for an SFX PSU about a month ago. Settled on the EVGA 650GM cause it was on Amazon for right around the price of the Corsair. $110 USD