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What is the best fan/orientation for NH-L9a?


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Original poster
Apr 16, 2017
Finally I’m going to get my dream itx case, a4 sfx v4, in my favourite color, gray.
I found a guy selling the case and NH-L9a CPU cooler together. (was planning to get a Cryorig C7 but the guy sells them together)
For now, there will be Ryzen 2600 and gtx 1080 ti FE inside the case. Soon, I might replace the cpu with a 3700x.
I’m looking forward to achieve the best performance from NH-L9a. For this, need to know these 2 questions;

1) What is the best fan I can put on the NH-L9a? or is simply a fan duc better? If so, can you suggest me a duct to buy or to 3D print?

2) What is the best fan orientations for both case fans and cpu cooler fan? (I’m going to get 2 NF-A9x14)