What are good reasons for NVIDIA to end 10 series this year?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Josh | NFC, Apr 26, 2018.

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    It seems to me like many of my friends, family, and customers are holding off purchasing GPUs based on rumors of rumors.

    I just don't understand why NVIDIA would end the 10 series so abruptly when they are selling hand over fist and the competition is...well, I don't think there IS competition across all categories.

    Secondly with memory prices going up and still not stabilizing it seems to me NVIDIA would want to wait a bit in order to keep pricing, at least on paper, somewhat reasonable.

    Finally I don't understand why we haven't heard any rumors from NVIDIA itself, when usually they seem to start propagating months and months before an announcement at expos and lan events.

    Mind you I think it is reasonable to expect a new card to pop up, but a fully fleshed out series based on Turing...it just seems to me they are running out of time?

    I dunno, this is just what my gut says. I don't have facts or statistics, and I'm not even trying to convince anyone of anything. I just wanted to see if you guys had any ideas on NVIDIA's motivation to replace the 10 series this year.

    Peace :D
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  2. Kmpkt

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    I think a lot of people would buy a new card regardless of the fact it would only be iterative over the previous generation. Hell, look at how many people buy the latest and greatest Intel CPUs and chipsets each generation even though the overall performance from one generation to the next is pretty meh.
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    I get the feeling any 1000 series replacement will be Q4 if at all this year, and everything from **70 and below will be a rebrand of the current cards. NVIDIA doesn't really have a strong need to really innovate, with RTG's inability to move past the outdated GCN arch.
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    There must be many other factors other than competition that Nvidia uses to decide when to release a new series.
    From the 570/580 to the present 1070/1080, each new series is roughly 1.2 to 1.7 years apart. And based on this historical data, 1070/1080 has been released almost 2 years now (since June 2016). So, it is about time if Nvidia follows the pattern. Also, I think these past two to three generations were released not due to facing very strong competition as well.

    I reckon one reason for the release of 1170/1180 is the 'mining' issue. I speculate Nvidia is going to make a distinction between their regular gaming cards and mining cards, beginning with the new coming series.
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    Ive typically noticed a 2 year pattern since the 700 series. When it looked like the 290x was gonna be a strong, maybe even stronger contender than the 780, we got the 780 Ti. Since then,the 80 and titan release one year, the 80 Ti the next. I still believe we will get a launch this year, if for no other reason than to keep Nvidia on a roadmap schedule.

    The mining craze and competition can change it, but I dont believe team green is afraid to launch the next batch just to bury AMD (and soon to be Intel).Even with no direct competition at the top, AMD can compete in the lower and mid range at cost/performance, as they havent went for the crown since then. And I bet they may be looking at what Intel is brewing as well. I doubt that gaming GPUs are Intel's focus, Nvidia makes a lot of money in the professional market and may want to ensure their market stranglehold.
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    It's either release now on 14+ or wait until 7nm yields are worth it.
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    Imma buy all the 8400GSs (if they still are in stock). Gotta get some collectables ;)
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    I put my BFG 7900gt in a scrounge build running Windows xp in a stand up arcade emulator for a buddy last year. I actually regret giving him that piece of my personal gaming history.