Watercooled Geeek A60


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May 21, 2017
I'm using the Geeek A60 with air cooler since the launch, it's defenitively the best ITX case I've had.

Specs on air:
  • Intel i9 9900K
  • Noctua NH L9x65
  • Asrock Phantom Z390 and (temporary) Asus Z390 Strix (Asrock on RMA, NIC died)
  • G.Skill Trident Z 16GB 4133mhz C17
  • Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
  • EVGA RTX 2080 BE
  • Corsair SF-600 Platinum
  • 2x 140mm EK Vardar Fans

But now it's time to improve the temperatures and noise!

The GPU temps are fine, but the CPU reachs up to 75°C on gaming, benchs more than 80°C. If I had chosen the L9i instead of L9-65, it would be a lot worse. Intel release a toaster, aka 9900K, is the first time my GPU is cooler than the CPU.

WC Add Ons:
  • 280mm Bykski copper radiator
  • DDC pump with acrylic top
  • XPR-MC-V2 Bykski waterblock
  • Heatkiller IV RTX waterblock
  • 16mm PETG rigid tubing
If the results are not good enough, direct die approach will be the last resort...

PS: I love make new builds, but sometimes I forget to register some steps of the process, so my build logs have few images. But I'm trying to improve this.

Like the new PSU bracket and the custom wires to get room to the cooling parts.

At the moment, I'm shapping the rigid tubing, the next step will be secure the new aluminium profiles and remove the masking tape.

The first attempt will be without reservoir, let's see if possible.



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Jun 1, 2019
Looking good! i'd love to hear what the temps are. I have a 2700x and a rtx 2080 from pny(so FE pcb) and was thinking about a case with space for 2x240mm rads, but was also thinking if a single 280mm rad was enough. :)
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