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Vintage radio project needs a redesign, looking for help


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May 9, 2015
In the past I've made an internet radio out of the shell of an old radio:

Raspberry Pi 1st gen on the right, crappy power supply on the right.

It has been updated by then. The problem is, I have a amplifier that only plays one channel and a lot of issues I'd like to fix. But most of it can only be done by a full redesign. So I'm planning on changing almost everything except the case, speakers and RPi 3.

So let's start with the different issues. I need a new amplifier. Most likely a new power supply (currently 90W 19V laptop charger). A new solution for the audio source. I hope to get some advice about this.


High-end: 120-20.000Hz. Just the speakers, the PCB was broken.
Unsure but I believe 9W RMS at 4 Ohms

Low-end: 20-120Hz
About 50W RMS at 4 Ohms

I'd like a recommendation for an amplifier that will allow me to have low and high tones split. Something not too high-end in price as this is for streaming radio 50-70s music.

Audio Source:

I've used a Raspberry Pi 3 with the MusicBox distro. While it does everything, it doesn't do it without issues and isn't being updated. So I'm looking for a solution that can be controlled through web-interface and allows to play streams. Ideally it would also be an Airplay target. The older Raspberry Pi I had needed a seperate audio card to be remotely enjoyable but I found the 3rd generation Pi to be a lot better and I'll try and get good sound without it. Or use an USB DAC / Amp to keep the signal digital as long as possible.


There are several things that need to be addressed but are not too huge:
  • potentiometers working a correctly sized.
  • easy to work with (connectors) but using quality wiring and layout. Recommendations to avoid electrical noise would be welcome.
  • keep most of the wait at the middle, but I might make a box for the "subwoofers".
  • figure out something for the old glass display so it is visible. I already have a warm LED strip in there but it's dispersing.