Selling [USA-WA] G-Unique Arch Daemon limited edition (450W), Modivio xCase S

Hey all, I am parting out my sff build, and am selling my PSU and case.

PSU: G-Unique arch daemon limited edition (450W). I ran a gtx 1080 and 4790k on this no problem. Condition is very good and works well. This version has 4+4 pin cpu, 6+2 pin gpu, and 2 SATA connectors. Comes with all cables, mounting hardware, and a cpu 4+4 pin cable extension. Asking $160 shipped. Pics:
Case: Modivio xCase S with 2 case fans, a nice pcie riser, and all screws. The case is in pretty good shape. Some of the anchors come out with the screw when unscrewing, but they're easily pushed back in. Asking $100 shipped. Pics:


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Sep 17, 2018
Wow the formatting got super messed up. Sorry about that. You get the idea though.