Closed [USA] NCASE M1, C14, U9S, Accelero III, Noctua Fans

Edit: The M1 with one A9x25 (no other accessories) is available for $200 shipped.

I'm looking to sell all of the following as a bundle for $375 shipped. I'll consider splitting items at a later time as it's sensible for price/shipping costs. Timestamp album

  • Silver Ncase M1 v5, vented side panel. I'm the original owner and would say this case is in excellent condition. All screws/brackets/accessories that shipped to me are included. Each panel looks great. There are a couple minor wear marks near the internal side frame, the motherboard I/O cutout, and the PCI-E bracket where some black paint has rubbed off. Once everything is installed these are 100% covered and are otherwise pretty hard to notice.
  • Noctua C14 CPU Cooler. I'm the second owner for this discontinued product but would also say it's in excellent condition. This cooler is desirable because you can fit a full 25mm thick fan on top within the M1. I had great results with the A12x25 fans (not included) which were mounted with some clips sent to me from Noctua (these 4 clips are included). Fins are in great shape and includes all pictured hardware: Intel 115X and AM3 mounting (no AM4 mounts but you can have it sent by Noctua support), the original 140mm fans (which can also be used in the M1 with restrictions), a support bracket for the bottom fan, a y-splitter/low noise adapters. Thermal compound has been mostly used but should be enough for another application.
  • Noctua U9S CPU cooler with second A9 fan. Original owner, this is in excellent/like-new condition. This little guy surprised me with how effective it was--not as powerful as the C14 but sometimes a better choice depending on your airflow pattern (e.g. bottom intake and/or glass side panel). No thermal compound, no AM4 hardware (again, free from Noctua support). Includes a second A9x25 retail fan with all accessories.
  • Noctua A9x14 retail fan with all accessories, also in excellent/like-new condition. I used this as an exhaust with the C14, although many users have had success swapping it into the Corsair SF power supplies to reduce noise.
  • Arctic Accelero Xtreme III graphics card cooler. Second owner, this is in fair/good condition though I believe all defects are cosmetic. This heatsink allows for full 25mm fans to be flush mounted directly below the GPU for excellent thermals and acoustics (if you spring for good 120mm fans). It's a handful to get into the case the first time so there are a few fins which are slightly bent though the copper cold plate is in great shape. Includes all mounting hardware, some aluminum small heatsinks for vram and vrm, thermal tape to cleanly mount said heatsinks, and original fans. I believe all other retail pieces are present (see timestamp) and certainly it has everything you need to use it.
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Oct 8, 2018
The heatsinks have been sold separately; the M1 with an A9x25 fan is available for $200 shipped.


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Jun 21, 2018
Wow I'm so sad I just stumbled upon this... I really want a nice condition C14 like you had, haha! GLWS! :)


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Feb 14, 2019
Do you have a link to people swapping out Corsair SF fans with Noctua fans?


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Feb 22, 2017
Hello I'd like to inquire about that NCase M1 if it hasn't been sold yet. Please DM if possible.