Multi [USA-AZ][H] 980ti AMP! Extreme, EVGA 1060 6GB SSC, DDR3/DDR2 RAM [W] compatible 1070ti/1080, PayPal

Hey everyone!

I've got a few things up for sale/trade - feel free to send me an offer :)


------------- SELLING/TRADING -------------

Zotac 980ti AMP! Extreme - been in a CAD machine running at stock for most of it's life with a few months of off and on gaming. Never been mined on and only timidly overclocked at +50mhz. Only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I want to add the GPU to my custom loop and there are basically no full coverage blocks for this card. - looking for $370 shipped

EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC - got it from another user about a year ago I think but it's only been used for occasional gaming really. Never mined on either and only ever overclocked it by +100mhz. I'd keep it but if I can sell it and get a 1080 that will drive my x34 better I say why not - looking for $285 shipped TRADED (+cash) for 1070 locally

Assorted DDR3/DDR2 RAM - all pulled from working computers that were being retired. Here's the pics and list of what I've got:
  • 1x DDR3 16gb (4x4gb) kit
  • 1x DDR3 8gb (2x4gb) kit
  • 10x DDR3 4gb (2x2gb) kits SOLD
  • 2x DDR2 ECC unbuffered 4gb (4x1gb) kits
  • 2x DDR2 4gb (2x2gb) kits
I'm not sure on pricing so just send me an offer and most likely it'll be yours :)

--------------------- WANTING -------------------

GTX 1070ti/1080 - I have an EK-FC1080 GTX waterblock so it'll need to be compatible with that. I prefer EVGA brand generally (and they happen to me most all compatible with the block) and non-FE cards but I'm not too picky so send me an offer :)

(here's the link to check compatability:

---------------------- NOTES ----------------------

* I won't be able to pay for anything outright until my GPU(s)/RAM have sold

* I can usually ship the item out next day once payment is received

* The listed shipped prices are USA only - other countries will have to pay the extra shipping costs

* Local to 85085 and will discount local deals since I'll save on shipping and fees

* I've listed these on another forum as well so I'll keep everything as up to date as I can

* I don't have the original boxes or anything for the GPUs so local is preferred but I'll be sure to package it up safely if I do need to ship them.

Thanks for looking!
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