[UPDATE] SSL/Cloudflare error now resolved

Hey all,

At approximately 8:00 PM EST, we were alerted to users who were hitting a Cloudflare error page when trying to load SFF Network and SFF Forum. Upon further investigation, we learned of an issue whereby our SSL certificate was not renewed as expected. In combination with our implementation of strict SSL connections via Cloudflare, this caused all access attempts to be rejected.

At ~11:10 PM EST, we were successfully able to coordinate with Cloudflare and our provider to push a new SSL certificate to our platform, resolving this issue. As such, access should be back to normal for all users worldwide. That said, if you continue to encounter any access issues, please do let us know so we can investigate!

We take downtime - especially unplanned downtime - very seriously, and will be implementing some changes to prevent this from happening again. I'd like to mention my thanks to the various community members who alerted us to the issue, and additionally extend my gratitude to the whole community as we worked fast to fix the root cause.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

– Joshua