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Selling [UK-EU] Lone Industries- L3 Mini-ITX Case

Desired Price
Payment Methods
  1. Cash
  2. PayPal
Lancashire UK
Delivery Method
  1. Postal Service (e.g. USPS, Canada Post, etc.)
  2. Courier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)
  3. In Person

L3 Pics:
I'm doing a big life move in the New year and it's time I did a clearout.

I have here, an "unused", "never built in" Lone Industries L3. (Black version)
Been sat in storage at my place since I bought it in 2015 :)

The L3 is arguably one of the most gorgeous cases of it's kind.

L3 Case = £180 £162 £150 + Shipping
I am based in the UK currently

I am perfectly happy to ship this into the EU or US, that is not a problem. I'd need full details with phone and email address to get quotes

Anything you want to talk about, just start a conversation with me via PM

Thanks for looking and have a good one ;)
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Jun 29, 2015
I just wanted to get the bones of the for sale thread done and I can edit it later on with pics etc.
*psssst* .... don't forget to mention the price .... *psssst*

I'll be back after dinner to add more to this, it's not a 5 min job doing a sale thread like this, bare with me hehe
Sure, I'll give you a few minutes ...



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Nov 22, 2017
Split prices added by request
Edit- J-Hack ONE2 Distro PSU sold elsewhere
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Nov 22, 2017
Another price drop, if you've been eyeing this up now is the time ;)