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    Hello all!

    I bought a ThinkPad E485 a few months ago, and I love it, but the exterior is starting to show some wear. There are small scratches along the aluminium lid and it's impossible to remove grime from the trackpad. Does anyone have any idea how to make my ThinkPad look new again without damaging the surfaces? The general ThinkPad care guide is to abuse it and then abuse it some more, but I wanna protect my investment.

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    If you want to protect it, wrap/skin it. Laptops are fantastic for attracting abrasive grime. Is the outer cover powdercoat, paint, or that black rubberised coating?
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    The lid is anodized, untextured aluminium; trackpad is matte plastic.

    I can't find skins for it that are of the vinyl type. I might be able to buy some vinyl, but that would be nasty to cut.