Production Thin mini ITX laser cut wooden case


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Jul 5, 2017
I have made a Thin mini ITX case with 4mm poplar wood.
The case is 200x200x51mm (2.04l) without room for a 2.5'' SSD or 200x270x51mm (2.754l) with SSD (without the fan).
The ring glued to the fan is to protect the fan without blocking the air flow as temperature is the main problem with wood.
The cover is not glued, only clipped in the case
The plan are available on our website ( here in folder WoodenCase).
We are selling it but we only ship to Switzerland and France for the moment.
What do you think?

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Feb 16, 2016
Intéressant !

We have developped a PCIe riser for thin mini-ITX boards, to allow users to add a discrete GPU (see my signature).
I would be interested in your case if you could increase the height by 20 mm :)

Also, can you build custom enclosures, based on technical drawings I would send you ?