Thermaltake G3 hardware for 4k video


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Jan 13, 2019
Hello all! I'm building my first PC for 4K editing motovlogging with Davinci Resolve and I have a few questions:

Im looking for a 360 radiator to fit in a very narrow case: Thermaltake G3.
After reading the Xtremerigs review
these 2 slim radiators came on top of of list:
Hardware labs Black Ice Nemesis 360GTS
Alphacool Nexxox ST30 full copper

Hardwarelabs is the best ( according to that review but recently saw bad review about the GTS ) but is there much of a difference between these 2? (I have a problem fitting a 133mm radiator in this case due to 2 bolts that narrow the clearance to 125mm so I might go for the OEM 360)

A GTX 1070 would handle 4k 60fps files in Davinvi Resolve without trouble or
should I get a Vega 64 or any other GPUt?

Will there be much difference with CL16 vs CL15 vs CL14 RAM latency in video editing (rendering, exporting, etc)?

thank you SFF experts!
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