Prototyping The world most flexible SFF case? LOUQE Ghost S1

Discussion in 'Custom Cases & Projects' started by PaChalski, Mar 20, 2017.

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    This is pretty slick. I could dig it.
  2. buLL

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks like the exact same design as the Dan A4. You should also post the hardware that the case can hold, it would really help. Beside that, you have some really good renderings there! And the case looks awesome. Cheers
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    Tech Specs

    Core Dimensions 179 x 128 x 315 mm

    Overall Dimensions 181 x 133 x 320 mm (including feet and case shell)

    Weight & Volume 1,7 Kg & 7.1 L

    Material 2.5 mm heat treated magnesium and silicone enforced aluminum

    Sleve Colors Ore Grey, Artic White and Juniper Green

    Connectivity Top mounted HDMI connector and 2 x USB 3.1 (internal 20 pin plug)

    GPU compatability Dual-Slot, max 305 mm without bracket, 316 mm including bracket

    mb compatability Mini-ITX

    PSU compatability SFX, SFX-L

    CPU cooler comp. max height 65 mm

    Memory comp. max height 69 mm

    PCIe Extender 3M Twin Axial 250 mm PCIe Gen3+ extender (included)
  4. buLL

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    Thanks, that really helps! One more question: did u get an inspiration from Dan A4 case? I can't see a diference from this to his case. Cheers
  5. PaChalski

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    All small cases will look the same at a first glance. There are plenty of differences. check out our beta page on where they are explained. This is a fundamentally different design
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    Cool man, I will be following your post to see how that works out, as I really liked your case. Do you have a build prototype already? Could you show some pictures of it with all the hardware mounted?
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    So, one is JUST shy of allowing & the other is JUST enough for the Noctua NH-L9x65; which is which…?

    And how many 2.5" SSDs will fit in the included bracket…? Dual 7mm SSDs or a single 15mm SSD…?
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    Nice looking case and design. Best of luck guys.
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    A challenger to the Dan A4 is always welcome, especially if the price is lower... *wink wink*
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  10. PaChalski

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    Hi, this is a good question. We are currently testing to replace thh MB stand-offs to 4mm instead of 6mm which would fit the Noctua NH-L9x65 (a personal favorite).

    There is one more parameter to consider in this matter. Adding the side panel filter steals 3mm from the width, not allowing for a 65mm CPU-fan.

    What is your opinion, should we make the case wider and allowing for 65mm CPU cooler, filters or not?
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  12. iFreilicht

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    The case is very cool, but you should really show your idea with different tophats here in the forum. I didn't think it was very flexible at all until I saw that part of the website.
  13. wywywywy

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    Yes it's the most unique part of the case and it's not clear at all from the first post.

    I would like to see "bottom hats" too for even more flexibility.

    Can a top hat stack on top of another top hat?

    By the way I love the aesthetics.
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  14. PaChalski

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    Good point. throwing in a visualization of all 4 formats

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  15. PaChalski

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    The spine made from a single part of magnesium and silicon reinforced aluminum and the cable management solution are in my opinion pretty radical as well.

    Yes, TopHats are stackable, they connect to the inside of the shell or to each-other.

    Check out the homepage for all the details: and pleas give feedback on the page as well.
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  16. PaChalski

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    We were thinking of allowing for this as well but couldn't really see an application for it, the reason they are on top is to be able to mount a water cooler there and not have worm air being pushed up through the case affecting the ambient temp.

    What would you put in the bottom? HDDs?
  17. iFreilicht

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    I'd say that some people would be interested in putting a radiator into the bottom as well to get very strong airflow. Never underestimate the lengths people go to to create stupidly over-cooled builds :D

    That said, I don't think the number of people is high enough to justify special pedestals, but if you can make it so the top-hats can also connect to the bottom, it would be an awesome feature.
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  18. wywywywy

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    For me personally, I would put a rad in the bottom hat, and a pump and res on in the top hat. And maybe an SSD.

    I can see people wanting to use 2 AIOs, one for CPU one for GPU.

    But yea looking at the design, a bottom hat is probably not so easy to do without compromises.
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    Please don't take this the wrong way, but you really need to touch up the OP. Use some formatting and break up your wall of text instead of just copy and pasting your draft kick starter intro and your specs from the website. For example:

    I literally scrolled through the OP, read your story, checked out a few pics, scrolled up for details and lost interest until I saw some comments talking about some sort of innovative top hat. I would humbly suggest you put as much effort into these social media forays as you have your innovative design - you need to hook people on the forums and steer them to your eventual Kickstarter page to seal the deal.

    I'd add more pics to the OP and also give some sample builds. Even after looking at your site I don't know how many 3.5" HDDs I could fit in your system with which top hat or even if it is possible without a top hat.

    Also would going to 4mm standoffs limit the ability to use an m.2 SSD mounted to the bottom of the motherboard?

    Sorry if I came off like a dick, just want to help. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing your case come to market!
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