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The fun goes on! Win with SFF Network's post-CES giveaway

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Well, CES 2017 may be officially over, but we loved it so much we'd like the festivities to continue. To this end, we'd like to announce a quick giveaway!

Up for grabs are two Reeven CPU coolers that have graced our testbench - the Reeven Steropes and the Reeven Vanxie.

All you need to do to enter is to post in this forum thread with a quick comment as to what your favorite product seen at CES 2017 was, and you're in the draw to win one of the coolers.

Competition is open to users worldwide (except where prohibited). Prize will be drawn on 21st January at 8PM NZST by random selection using Random.org. The first name drawn will have their pick of prizes, the second name drawn will win the remaining cooler. Any taxes, duties or tariffs are the responsibility of the winner. Postage will be covered by Minutiae LLC (SmallFormFactor.net)


SFF Lingo Aficionado
Jan 7, 2017
The AsRock Z270-STX was by far the most attractive product.
Although it has some blind spots, it's extremely promising as a small form factor product which will in due course enable other companies build from STX mini cases to smaller than SFX size PSUs.


Case Bender
Jan 16, 2017
For me, it has to be the GTX 1080 Mini, because I already have a little rig that could benefit tremendously from it...


Caliper Novice
Oct 16, 2016
I had a z170i pro gaming, after seeing the z270i ROG Strix at ces 2017, I insta returned it; Asus's UK twitter says it will be released late jan early feb. I could have my new pc up and running right now, but wanted this mobo so bad I am willing to wait a month XO.

The new Engine 37, perfect for my next build.

and this got me angry, i have an engine 27 sitting in a box, going to end up giving that thing away if this thing releases soon, it is PERfect.

ZA Design

Trash Compacter
Sep 7, 2016
As much as I love SFF products, such as the 1080 mini, I gotta hand it to the Panasonic GH5 for impressing me the most.


Silver Supporter
Apr 30, 2016
the Z270I is really exciting because the dual M.2 on an ITX board (!!!!!!), and the engine 37 is pretty interesting too!
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SFF Lingo Aficionado
Aug 7, 2015
The Asrock A320M Pro4 mb. Looking forward to Ryzen
Too bad there weren't any m-itx boards shown.


Cable-Tie Ninja
Jun 8, 2015
To be honest, it wasn't actually anything I saw, but more hearing that Corsair are getting into the enthusiast SFF sector.
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What's an ITX?
Jan 19, 2017
Oh man, it is hard to choose a favorite product. I am really digging the trend towards smaller sleeker SFF gear. and people being ok with not adding LEDs to everything!

but if I have to pick one, it would be the Gigabyte GTX 1070 mini ITX card.
Looking forward to building a SFF build that is no deeper than 17ish cm!
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Airflow Optimizer
Jun 5, 2016
The new Asrock M-STX machines and the Sony Xperia Tablet Projector. Those were probably what my favorites from CES where.

Then of course ryzen, really holding out for those mITX boards tho.
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Minimal Tinkerer
Jan 20, 2017
Well. Hisense A2 was really interesting with second e-ink display.
But i absolutely agree that AsRock did really great mini-STX motherboard! It's a good step toward small but powerful computers, that can be easily upgraded and customized by yourself

i hope, there would be mini-stx boards for ryzen
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