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    To discuss CNC, 3d printing and more. Since there wasn't one, I made one!
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    I love it.
    Should the title be "Rapid prototyping Thread", or "CNC & 3D printing Thread" instead?
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    You forget that 3D printing IS CNC, as is are most other types of automated additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques.
    If The Mods think it appropriate to change it, they can!
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    You’re correct in that both processses requires numeric control.
    I just always think of CNC as subtractive, while 3D print is additive.
    Regardless, I learn a lot from the discussions about prototyping in this forum :)
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    So this was a fun thread... May I spice it up by asking you guys about your preferred methods to making awkward shapes on a cnc router? Like let's say you were to have a 3d round contour somewhere on a part you were machining or have some wierd angle... what would you do? So far I've made do by just doing the roughing path for the entire thing I'm making and then doing a finishing pass with the smallest little step overs and finish the thing with some abrasive paper... Any better ways to do that?
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    Yeah, do rough cuts, then in cam, set finishing passes, and have them run SLOW. Your rough cuts can be within 2-3mm of your intended final edge, and then have the finishing path run as slow as is practical, while still making those chips fly.

    Note: this is for aluminum.
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    I had forgotten this thread. I've got some great news for you guys soonish!
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