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News STORAGE: Adata Announces SE920 External USB 4.0 SSD at 4,000MB/s speed.

Adata has announced the SE920; an external USB 4.0 SSD that can achieve up to 4000MB per second. USB 4.0 is the next-generation standard of peripheral interface featuring up to 4,800MB a second (40Gbit), is based on Thunderbolt 3 protocol, and exclusively utilizes a USB-C style adapter.

Adata states that the drive will be cooled by "Heat Conduction Proprietary Technology" which remains to be tested or explained. The price has not been announced at this time, nor has the release date.

Here is a link to Adata's complete press conference.

Personal Take: Neat and good for SFF users who have limited internal expansion options. I've successfully used current-gen NVME external SSDs as game storage between both my SFF system and laptop with no issues and excellent performance, so I'm expecting this to perform well. The big question though is how much will it cost. Drive prices are up as of writing, and basically nothing has a USB 4.0 port (which can be backward compatible with Thunderbolt 3). The second largest question is how well can this drive sustain large transfers before throttling back due to heat. Adata clearly knows that users are aware of this issue with NVME/External SSDs, and makes mention of it. Testing will be interesting.

Adata USB 4 SSD.jpg
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