Prototype Steck v2.0 - Minimalist, Stackable, Sandwich Style SFF Case. Up to 3x slot GPU [325mm (L)]


Master of Cramming
May 1, 2017
Finally can afford to buy a RTX 3070 Ti , I can confirm that the new Steck V2 will fit this 323mm (length), 140mm (height), 56mm (thicc) card.

But for custom loop, I would recommend to go for 120mm (H) card, as GPU water block usually sticks another ~20mm higher with the ports. An already 140mm tall card plus another 20mm will be ~160mm total height and will not fit in this case unless you choose to give up the fan/radiator near the card's top end. That will be ok if the feet is removed or installed on the other end, and have the case flipped over, and the top hat fit on the other end (single top hat only)

Looks like the card itself fits, but are you able to get stock power cables plugged in or are 140mm cards going to require low profile connectors to maintain use of the top fans?